16 Nov 2023

SCGC Presents RECYCLABLE FLEXIBLE PACKAGING Innovations at HP Indigo Digital Pouch Factory and Sustainability Trend Seminar

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SCGC was honored to participate as a guest speaker at the HP Indigo Digital Pouch Factory and Sustainability Trend Seminar on November 10, 2023, presenting SCGC GREEN POLYMER™ BWO1501G, the coating agent designed to prevent air permeability in flexible packaging, while maintaining recyclability. This coating is the first in Asia to be certified by RecyClass to support the current recycling processes, especially for polyethylene.

The HP Indigo Digital Pouch Factory and Sustainability Trend Seminar, jointly organized by Berli Jucker Public Company Limited and HP Inc (Thailand) Ltd., introduced the HP Indigo 200K Digital Press, a printer that is capable of printing flexible packaging, labels, and packaging on various materials. It is also environmentally friendly from production process to printed pieces that perfectly support the recycling process. The event featured a comprehensive collection of solutions for printing houses.

For this event, SCGC showcased Recyclable Packaging Solution – a complete solution designed for truly recyclable flexible packaging. It doesn’t just offer  materials for any specific layer but offers the right materials to cover all layers of the entire packaging to be recycled effectively.

In addition, SCGC™ HDPE H619F was selected as one of the materials to demonstrate its ability to produce Mono-Material flexible packaging by using as packaging for souvenirs for attendees. Made entirely from polyethylene, this packaging is easier to recycle than packaging made of different types of plastics (Multi-Materials). The printing film of the packaging is a MDOPE film made from SCGC™ HDPE H619F, that has high heat resistance properties, produced using HP Indigo's digital printing system in a commercial-level by Thai Nam Poly Pack Co., Ltd.

For those interested in Recyclable Packaging Solution for flexible packaging that can be recycled according to the principles of the circular economy, further details can be obtained by contacting

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