24 May 2023

The Story of SCGC Sustainovation

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How much sustainability can innovative organizations bring to the world in a year? The key factors lie in commitment and continuous progress, as exemplified by SCG Chemicals Public Company Limited (SCGC), a leading integrated chemical player for sustainability. The company never ceases to conduct business on the foundation of responsibility toward all lives.

Proof of SCGC's commitment to sustainable business practices over the past year can be found in the 2022 Sustainability Report, titled "Sustainability through Innovation." The report tells the story of creating innovations in response to mega-trends, coupled with environmental, social, and corporate governance awareness, following the ESG guidelines. It also highlights the company's dedication to becoming a leading organization in sustainable development while collaboratively driving society toward achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainability Strategy

SCGC is a leading regional integrated chemical player for sustainability, focusing on creating environmentally friendly products and solutions while fostering business growth along a sustainable path through three main strategies:

    • Increasing the proportion of sustainable products and solutions by developing environmentally friendly plastic innovations called SCGC GREEN POLYMER™, which align with the principles of the circular economy. This covers four aspects: REDUCE, RECYCLABLE, RECYCLE, and RENEWABLE.
    • Supporting sustainable operations throughout the value chain to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. This includes improving energy efficiency, adopting renewable energy, capturing and offsetting carbon emissions, and fostering collaboration throughout the value chain to produce low-carbon products and solutions throughout their life cycle. This goes hand in hand with a commitment to global safety and health standards.
    • Developing solutions for society by promoting awareness in waste management and reintroducing waste back into recycling processes for communities and society. The company also continuously supports community enterprises, fostering resilient and sustainable communities. Importantly, the business is conducted transparently and fairly, with a sense of social responsibility.

These operational strategies are not only the driving force behind the business operation but also help propel the world toward sustainability and pass on the benefits to all lives.

SCGC is committed to being a leading organization in sustainable development.

As our world faces climate crises, the United Nations isa crucial organization connecting global communities to work together to transform these challenges into sustainability. This led to the introduction of the "Sustainable Development Goals" (SDGs), consistingof 17 main goals and 169 sub-goals to guide the global community towards normality and well-being.

SCGC's operations throughout the value chain address the Sustainable Development Goals, with high-relevant goals including: prioritizing a work culture focused on safety, establishing health assurance, and promoting well-being for people at all levels; fostering sustainable economic growth with consideration for fairness, equality, and minimizing the environmental impact from operations; adopting technology to enhance work efficiency; integrating the principles of the circular economy; and accelerating transition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cope with climate change. In addition, SCGC's business operations cover other goals, encompassing a total of 45 sub-goals



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Reflecting the organization's sustainability through sustainable development initiatives.

With the potential and dedication to conducting business to create positive impacts on the world, SCGC has continuously achieved tangible results in sustainable development in the past year, covering environmental, social, corporate governance, and economic aspects.

For example, in the field of environmental sustainability, in 2022, SCGC was able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 52,987 tons of carbon dioxide. The company's water consumption decreased by 2.97 million cubic meters, or 11%,compared to the base year of 2014. In the social aspect, the cumulative number of fish homes from the SCGC Fish Home Project reached 2,230 units, with an SROI (Social Return on Investment) of 5.69, and the project was able to generate 93% community engagement. Regarding corporate governance and economy, SCGC produced 137,125 tons of GREEN POLYMER products and generated High Value Added (HVA) products and services, accounting for 36% of sales revenue.

Highlight of business operations and significant sustainability projects

In 2022, SCGC has undertaken numerous intriguing initiatives and projects with positive impacts on the environment and society. These have been selected and documented in the Sustainability Report as follows:

    • Innovation for Circular Economy:A crucial concept in waste management and resource circulation for maximum benefit, SCGC has developed innovative environmental resins, or GREEN POLYMER, following the principles of a circular economy, which includes reducing resource use, designing for recyclability, recycling, and creating compostable, renewable and circular resource products. Additionally, there are projects that support the separation and collection of plastic waste, such as the " Upcycling Milk Pouches Project, "which encourages children to separate waste and see the tangible results of their actions by cutting, washing, drying, collecting, and recycling used milk pouches into chairs for use.
    • Innovation for Carbon Neutrality: SCGC has three strategic areas to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, which include reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the production process, sourcing low-carbon raw materials that lower the carbon footprint of products throughout the value chain and creating low-carbon products throughout their life cycle along with promoting the certification of product carbon footprints using digital technology to help manage data.
    • Innovation for Smart Factory: SCGC has invested in developing the organization to keep up with changes and apply digital technology throughout the production process, not only enhancing plant efficiency but also predicting abnormalities or potential problems in advance for a timely response.
    • Innovation for Society “SCGC Fish Home” : Combining sustainable development concepts and social innovations to elevate the quality of life for local fishing communities by constructing fish homes from PE100 pipes, which are used in large-scale drinking water production and are globally standardized and environmentally friendly. SCGC Fish Home helps complete marine ecosystems, increases biodiversity, generates income for the fishing communities in Rayong province, and can be extended to other fishing communities across Thailand.

All of this is part of SCGC's 2022 Sustainability Report, which comprehensively compiles the results of the work in sustainability. It reflects the commitment to creating innovative solutions and generating tangible positive impacts on the world. The full report can be accessed and read here

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