27 Sept 2022

5 Factors That Will Drive SCGC's Sustainable Business Growth

Business Circular Economy Sustainability

Never stop to develop environmentally friendly innovations

SCGC not only manufactures polymers to fulfill customer demands but also places a significant emphasis on developing innovations for the environment. SCGC GREEN POLYMERTM is the flagship product line that brings environmental sustainability from SCGC to the hands of consumers, covering four major areas: (1) REDUCE – reducing resource consumption by using high-quality plastic resins developed with SMX™ Technology that offers exceptional strength for packaging, reducing plastic resin consumption while retaining its functional properties; (2) RECYCLABLE - designing for recyclability and collaborating with business partners to offer Recyclable Packaging Solution for flexible packaging that is easy to recycle; (3) RECYCLE – recycling household plastic waste into High Quality Post-Consumer Recycled Resin (High Quality PCR) to reduce the waste amount and resource consumption; and (4) RENEWABLE – developing bio compostable plastic and plastic made from renewable resources

Focus on end-to-end processes and performance efficiency enhancement

SCGC never ceases to improve performance efficiency, particularly reducing production-related energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. An advanced digital technology called the AI Supervisory System has been introduced to precisely analyze machine operations, control energy, and detect anomalies in plants' energy use. This can save energy costs by 17 million baht per year without changing plant machinery, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1.6 million tons annually, equivalent to planting more than 160,000 trees annually. It is a crucial step in guiding businesses to carbon neutrality by 2050.

Commitment to advancing the common good

At SCGC, each ongoing project for promoting sustainability yields demonstrable outcomes. Among the examples is the Waste-free Community Project, a comprehensive waste management model that SCGC, as the first company in the country to initiate by sharing knowledge of at-source waste management, works  in conjunction with the development of the web-based application "KoomKah," which helps waste banks and project members manage data. Currently, the Waste-free Community Project can recycle up to 193 tons of waste, reducing landfill waste and carbon dioxide emissions by over 134,000 kgCO2eq per kilogram (as of December 31, 2021).

SCGC has expanded the initiative in subsequent phases by instilling a green mentality in youth through the "Upcycling Milk Pouches Project" to demonstrate the tangible outcomes of waste sorting actions. As part of this project, students are encouraged to cut, wash, dry, and collect empty milk pouches to upcycle them into plastic chairs that can be used in schools. About 1.8 tons of milk pouches (*as of December 31, 2021) have been recycled and revalued. 

Community Care

Wherever the company expands its operations, it will always improve the quality of life of the people of the locality. Take communities in Rayong province as examples. The area is one of SCGC's production bases, and a number of initiatives have been introduced to raise the standard of living of the local people. Examples include the Baan Thapma Stingless Beekeeping Community Enterprise, which the SCGC supported to advance knowledge and bring local products up to par with international standards. The project helps to create additional jobs and generates income for the community. Another example is the program "Good Water Reserve, Sufficient Water Supply," using the community-based water management model "Song Sarng Song Keb," in which SCGC and the Mapchan Community's residents collaborate to develop a sustainable water management system. The model comprises "empowering people" by establishing local researchers to gather data and use it to solve the problem of a water shortage; "setting rules" to ensure efficient water use; "retaining water" to collect rainwater and store it for a drought; and "collecting data" to forecast the water balance for systematic water management. As a result, the drought-prone area is transformed into one abundant in water. Water that was once limited is now ample for consumption, allowing the local residents to live a more refreshing life.

Employee welfare and transparent organizational management

SCGC follows the code of conduct established by the principles of good corporate governance. It has anti-corruption policies and does business in a fair, transparent, and accountable manner. The company's business principles are conveyed to all employees, and they are all required to pass the Ethics e-Testing. In addition, SCGC values all stakeholders equally, without discrimination or violations of human rights. The company also provides care for its employees in the event of illness or an accident at work and promotes safety in everyday life.

Throughout its nearly 40 years of business operations, SCGC has placed a significant emphasis on sustainability, both inside the organization and in the surrounding communities and society. This is because SCGC believes that business must be handled in accordance with stewardship of the environment, society, and good governance. These values are the company's pillars, the cornerstone of its solid growth, and the driving forces behind its success at every step. The commitment to social responsibility exhibited by SCGC is the organizational strength that propels the company along the path to sustainability.

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