10 Aug 2022

MONOme Green Packaging for People, for Planet

Circular Economy Product

From our passion in sustainable world, SCGC has relentlessly develop and collaborate with partners to drive SCGC resin and barrier coating materials to ready-to-use packaging. With effort to build on SCGC innovation from Thai Nam Poly Pack, MONOme is the recyclable packaging ready to launch. 

MONOme stand up pouch is made of full polyethylene structure thus can be simply proceeded in recycle process much easier than current multi-material packaging that consists of inseparable layers of different material. This packaging solution is not only environmentally friendly but also provide excellent performance as required with 2 options available;

  • MONOme: Recyclable pouch with good moisture barrier, suitable for general products e.g. candy, sugar, rice, grains, or even electric gadget, etc.
  • MONOme+ High barrier: Recyclable pouch specially designed to protect not only moisture but also oxygen transmission, suitable for crispy food e.g. cookies, crackers, etc.

One of the crucial parts of this sustainable success is SCGC’s HDPE resin (H619F) for MDOPE film that deliver high heat resistance property, led to ability to perform as printing layer as BOPET film currently provides, and stiffness that keep pouches in preferred shape. In addition, SCGC Green Polymer barrier coating technology, “BWO1501G”, provide another protection to preserve product quality inside the package.

In developing this packaging, Thai Nam Poly Pack and SCGC aim to accommodate small to medium enterprise to reach affordable sustainable packaging. Moreover, to enhance the circular economy, the key part is to guide business to select environmental-friendly packaging and educate consumer the importance of waste management. Easy steps for consumers are “Wash - Dry - Sort”; wash used packaging and dry it properly before sort plastic, then send to recycle point to keep the loop circled.

MONOme will be available for sales from July onward, through online and offline channel like modern trade, traditional trade, including specialty shop such as bakery supplies. Find details about this packaging on For more information of recyclable packaging solution, please contact

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