21 Jul 2020

Reducing the Spread of Germs with SHINKOLITE Clear Acrylic Aerosol Partition by SCG

Following the announcement of the Center for the Management of Infectious Disease Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) to relax lockdown measures and allow reopening of establishments and businesses in both the public and private sectors, such as government offices, educational institutions, shops, and restaurants, SCG foresaw the opportunity to facilitate an efficient return to the New Normal by reducing the risk and preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases that can be contracted through exposure to aerosols and has, therefore, launched a new product, Acrylic Aerosol Partition, under the brand SHINKOLITE.

Premium Quality, Flawless Features
SHINKOLITE Acrylic Aerosol Partitions, available in both ready-to-use and made-to-order products, are made out of a type of plastic called acrylic, which has unique properties like transparency on par with glass, thus causing no interference to vision, durability against impact and resistance to scratches, light weight, ease of assembly and cleaning, and versatility and safety of use in various applications. Ready-made SHINKOLITE Acrylic Aerosol Partitions by SCG is fabricated using advanced Continuous Casting Sheet manufacturing technology from Japan, which yields seamless sheets of partitions that are easy to assemble and install.

The aforementioned characteristics makes SKINKOLITE Acrylic Aerosol Partitions by SCG suitable for use in the monitoring of the Novel Coronavirus 2019. This innovation also facilitates Physical Distancing efforts in public spaces in order to safeguard against the spread of droplets and aerosols during social interactions and transactions, which will consequently also benefit the image of organizations that utilize SHINKOLITE Acrylic Aerosol Partitions in ensuring the health and safety of their staff, customers, and associates. Most importantly, this device does not require drilling for installation, making it transportable for flexible use, easy sanitization, and long-lasting.

Attending to the Public, Caring for the Private
SCG launched the SHINKOLITE Acrylic Aerosol Partition this past May, collaborating with various government agencies and organizations to install over 300 units of this health and safety innovation at the Architect Council of Thailand, Ramkhamhaeng University, Taopoon Police Station, the Central Labour Court Region 2, Rayong, and Chulalongkorn University Demonstration Secondary School in order to reduce the risk of exposure to the disease at service points.

Users of SCG’s SHINKOLITE Acrylic Aerosol Partitions have unanimously expressed positive feedback on both the prefabricated sheets and made-to-order product that can be customized to suit the dimensions of the space, particularly regarding features like easy, drill-free yet secure installation, glasslike transparency with no adverse effects on eye health, ease of cleaning, and durability. Moreover, the product can help instill confidence among visitors, and at locations where aesthetics are important to maintain even during social distancing, these acrylic sheets offers the best solution at an affordable price.

For more information on SKINKOLITE Acrylic Aerosol Partitions by SCG, please contact the SHINKOLITE Acrylic Products Department of Thai MMA Company Limited. Facebook: ShinkoliteAcrylic. Website: Or SCG contact Center at 02-586-2222

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