26 Apr 2020

elixir — Innovative Polymers By SCG For Ground Water Storage Tanks

Water, one of overarching factors of life, plays an important role in domestic well-being. Giving special care before you make purchase decision on water tanks is essential. There are tanks with unconventional materials that accounts for low durability, chemical contamination and sources of microbes having a detrimental effect on health. With commitment to improving the quality of life of everyone in society, and expertise in materials science and advanced plastic compound manufacturing technologies combined, Chemicals Business, SCG, has pioneered and developed ‘elixirTM’ — the innovative polymeric materials for ground storage water tanks.

Unlike other traditional polymers often used for making a water tank, the elixirTM material is a breakthrough in the polymer material industry as the innovation helps extend the standards and benchmarks for polymer plastic ground water storage tank production. One of its distinct characteristics: food contact material (FCM)-based. The innovative polymer is therefore considered to be safe for food and drinks in compliance with the FDA regulations, the Commission Regulation EU No.10/2011 and the Council of Europe Resolution AP (89).  

Heavy metals including lead, mercury and arsenic are found in a wide variety of colorants generally used to make a water tank. Water tank pigments, when exposed to light and heat, can degrade, leach into and pollute the stored water causing adverse health issues. The elixirTM material by SCG is absolutely free of heavy metals thanks to the advanced polymer blending process called ‘compounding. Through heat and pressure processing, the finished product is a homogenous blend, resulting in material discoloration. Approved and certified by SGS, its heavy-metal-free feature is compliant with the European Directive 94/62/EC and the TIS 656-2556.

The TIS 816-2556 and the SAI Global’s Material Foaming Certification help assure the high strength and durability of the innovative elixirTM material by SCG. In addition, water tanks made with the elixirTM material undertakes slow deterioration as UV stabilizers are added to the resin during the compounding process. This increases the durability of the tank under the prolonged exposure to the UV radiation in sunlight.

Ground water storage tanks are normally exposed to sunlight and they catalyze and inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae. This causes a detrimental effect on health and adversely affect the taste, odor and color of the watered stored in the vessel. Featured with anti-bacterial and anti-algae properties and the moulding technique with wall thickness of 4.5-5.5 mm., the elixirTM material inhibits sunlight and heat penetration. As the innovative material is also incompliant with the odor testing standard for capseal products and water pipes, its stored water is hence odor-free. 

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