26 Jun 2018

“Shinkolite” for All Roofing Needs

Holiday Inn Hua-Hin Carport

Shinkolite” for All Roofing Needs

Constructing a carport for a hotel can present a real challenge as such a project entails a host of fine details in each step.

To meet the rising needs for one-stop services, SCG Chemicals has introduced a one-stop carport roofing solution: the Prefab Carport Roof, an integrated product and service innovated by Siam Yamato Steel (SYS), the steel manufacturer, and Thai MMA, a subsidiary of SCG Chemicals and manufacturer of Shinkolite transparent acrylic roofs.

The Prefab Carport Roof has most recently been chosen by Proud Real Estate for Holiday Inna Vana Nava Hua Hin. Throughout the process, the SCG Chemicals team worked closely with the client to make certain that every need was met in the best way possible.

Chisarat Surakarn, Senior Project Manager from Proud Real Estate, SCG Chemicals client, said: “We’ve chosen Shinkolite because it’s transparent and gives an airy look to the carport. It also enhances the aesthetic of the hotel’s architecture. The team from SCG Chemicals explained that this roof is weather-resistant and has a long lifespan. In addition, it resists buckling and drains rainwater well, meaning there will be no puddle of water to cause moldy spots. Also, it is lighter than glass panes. We wanted the roof to look light and the carportl to have the least number of pillars. The professional teams from SCG Chemicals and SYS understood perfectly what we were looking for and worked together to deliver a beautiful roof and a durable steel structure. With their incredibly accurate calculation, they helped us save both time and budget and successfully delivered a stunning carport that met all our needs. 

The roof was assembled quickly with minimal impact on other construction tasks because the Shinkolite transparent acrylic roof could be readily attached to SYS’ steel frame, eliminating the need to clean up stains from steel cutting, welding, and painting. Thanks to the careful planning and efficient coordination, the installation was completed early.

Usually, a carport roof installation like this requires several contractors. However, SCG Chemicals and SYS have provided us with a one-stop solution, making it much more convenient and easy,” added Chisaras, in regard to the working style of SCG Chemicals.

The Prefab Carport Roof is therefore an integrated product and service solution that can be tailored to suit specific requirements and offer convenient to hotel entrepreneurs looking to construct a carport for their guests.

Properties of Shinkolite transparent acrylic roofs

  • Frosted glass color (NB00)
  • 100% acrylic, smooth and shiny surface, giving the appearance of sandblasted glass
  • The sheet is solid, reducing water seepage and mold growth.
  • The roof produces relatively low noise when it rains and filters sunlight effectively.
  • The roof is beautiful, has a long lifespan, and does not crack with age.
  • The installation is quick and clean as the roof sheets can be readily attached to the steel roof frame by SYS. For an area of 900-1,000 sq. m., the installation takes only 1-2 weeks, with no noise from steel cutting and welding, reducing the risk of accidents from welding sparks.

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