18 Jan 2018

Thinner without Compromising the Strength with the New PE

There has been growing demand for higher quality plastic among plastic manufacturers and entrepreneurs not only because they are a key factor that can help businesses achieve their goals faster but also because recent trends in the plastic industry have shown rising demand for products that are thinner yet durable and long-lasting to ensure that their use will be maximized.

In response, SCG Chemicals has developed new polymer production technology that enhances the quality of plastic products while also decreasing production costs and increasing revenue for manufacturers.

The new high-quality special-grade PE (Polyethylene) is 20% more durable and can be molded into products that are thinner without compromising the durability. In addition, it does not require any change or modification to existing manufacturing processes and machinery.

Simultaneously increasing competitive capacity and promoting eco-friendly business conduct, this success of SCG Chemicals will meet the needs of all parties involved from manufacturers to consumers.

In addition, the enhanced quality and durability of this New PE can also bring down production costs as it saves more energy and helps reduce waste in the production process. Furthermore, it can be recycled and combined into raw material while retaining the quality of strength of the resulting plastic product.

Thanks to its properties, the innovative New PE can be transformed into a wide range of polyethylene products:

Super -Thin Films

Plastic film manufacturers usually run into the problem of inconsistency thin film processing, such as bubble break from drawdown thin film, and have to reduce line speed when produce thin film, which depending on the suitable of blown film machine, processing condition and performance of resin for drawdown ability. However, because of its properties, the New PE affords greater control for blown film extrusion and can thus be used to produce plastic films as thin as 3 microns while retaining the toughness and strength. As a result, manufacturers can control the quality and minimize loss in the production process, which will in turn reduce their costs for production.

In addition to super -thin films, the innovative plastic can also be used for a wide range of products such as fruit and vegetable bags in supermarkets, bag covers for electrical appliances, plastic bags inside cement packages, as well as bags for industrial applications such as bulk bag for raw food packaging used in factories, which can retain toughness and impact resistance.

Blow Molding Application

As it lends itself to blow-bolding, the New PE can reduce production time while still retaining the quality of the resulting products and can be used in the manufacturing of large chemical tanks, industrial tanks, and jerry can.

Light Weight  Beverage Cap & Closure

Not only it can produce lighter weight cap & closure with better beverage preserving quality, but also the New PE can help reduce production time and cost by less energy and material consumption.

Large Size Pipes

The New PE can decrease the pipe wall thickness which can increase more hydraulic flow volume for better liquid conveying. As New PE pipes are durable and can withstand high pressure, they are the ideal for water and mining pipe.

These outstanding properties of the New PE help decrease the amount of plastic consumption in manufacturing while also rendering the end-product thinner without compromising its durability. It can thus be said that this innovation not only cuts production costs but also sustainably creates value for the industry.

If you are interested in co-developing products using the - New PE, please contact:

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