9 Jan 2018

Create Space and Fight off Tropical Heat with ShinkoLite Heat Cut Transparent Acrylic Sheets

Q: I’d like to install a transparent roof, but I want to keep the house cool. What material should I choose?

A: Current house design and extension trends see more attempts to draw natural light into a space to create the feeling of roominess. As a result, we can see a surge in popularity of transparent roofing materials such as glass, polycarbonate, fiberglass, and acrylic, especially for garage roofs, awnings, and roofs over covered walkways between buildings. These roofing materials not only impart a sense of spaciousness but also help conserve energy otherwise required for lighting during daytime. However, the catch is that natural light always brings heat with it.

Shinkolite Heat Cut transparent acrylic sheets are the answer as this roofing innovation that will shield off the heat of sunlight while also meeting the needs of homeowners in the tropics who wish to let more natural light into their space to give it a roomier feel, which is the key goal of the development of this invention.

Five Advantages of Shinkolite Heat Cut Transparent Acrylic Sheets

Jointly developed by SCG Chemicals and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation of Japan, Shinkolite transparent acrylic sheets are available both in regular and heat-cut varieties. The five properties of the heat-cut version that make it ideal for use in tropical regions are as follows.

1. Good heat insulation: The acrylic sheet contains special substances that can cut infrared rays by as much as 50% and reduce the temperature underneath by five degrees Celsius on average (based on test results in laboratories). Therefore, it will not feel hot, and people inside will not feel their skin prickling.

2. Durable: Because it is solid throughout, the sheet can withstand 2.5 times more impact than safety glass (tempered glass). It is also safer because, when shattered, it will not crumble into small granular chucks or break into jagged pieces.

3. Lighter than glass: At the same thickness, Shinkolite Heat Cut sheets weigh only half as much. As a result, the amount of steel needed to support the roofing structure and its costs are reduced. In addition, because of the decreased load-bearing requirement, they are ideal for spots that call for lighter materials.

4. Chic and sleek: The sleek transparent material imparts a sense of stylishness, lending itself perfectly to modern houses or hotels looking to incorporate an elegant clear roof in their structures.

5. Ten-year warranty for the material and one-year warranty for the installation (the company’s terms apply).


Maintaining ShinkoLite Heat Cut transparent acrylic sheets

  • Install away from heat sources and open flames, such as stoves or portable gas stoves
  • Simply clean with mild soapy water mixed with either shampoo or dishwashing liquid

User’s voice

“I wanted to install an awning for my garage, but it needed to complement my house, or else it would completely change its appearance. Because it was in the front of my house, the aesthetics of the awning were vital; the design and material had to go hand in hand with the house. Shinkolite Heat Cut transparent acrylic sheets met all the criteria because they looked like glass and were available in colors that complemented the color of the house.”

The awning structure was made of black steel, in keeping with the modern style. As functional requirements, the sheets ticked all the boxes. They kept out rain well and were lightweight. Also, they kept the space inside cool even though it was sunny outside, adding more shady area to the house. I was thoroughly impressed throughout the process, from discussing the project with the staff and the on-site measurement to the prompt and accurate price quotation. The staff was also very helpful with regard to the information of the material and colors as well as offered professional advice on installation options.

- Homeowner: Suviroje Leelaprachakul, Founder of the Movement Playground -

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