31 Oct 2017

EL-Lene™ HDPE H568JA: Plastic Innovation for the Environment

These words sum up the sustainability trends of packaging businesses this year, as appears in the article “Packaging Trends to Watch 2017.” Once again, environmental issues are still a topic of interest across all industries. Carbonated soft drink businesses, for instance, have grown more environmentally conscious and tried to devise ways to reduce resource consumption even for plastic bottle caps, which are just small components but can be of great consequence for both manufacturers and end users.

The graph Market Trend: Cap Weight Evaluation captures the gradual evolution of soft drink bottle caps over time, which have gone from two pieces to a single piece, with reduced height and increasingly lighter weight. This trend reflects the environmental consciousness of soft drink producers and bottle cap manufacturers (Converter) as well as their attempt to select design and appropriate raw materials to reduce consumption of resources in production while still upholding the quality and safety standards of their products.

To answer these needs, SCG Chemicals, which has conducted its business while maintaining its eco-friendliness for sustainable development all along, has developed the innovative EL-LeneTM HDPE H568JA for lightweight carbonated soft drink bottle caps, without compromising its durability and its function as an excellent gas retention even if their weight have been reduced by as much as 10 percent. Compared to previous counterparts, these new caps reduce plastic use by over 10 percent, benefitting all parties involved -- bottle cap manufacturers, soft drink producers, and consumers.

Key properties of plastic caps produced with EL-LeneTM  HDPE H568JA

  1. EL-LeneTM  HDPE H568JA has been designed specifically for the production of lightweight carbonated soft drink bottle cap, allowing new cap designs to be made over 10 percent lighter compared to previous designs and reducing plastic use by over 10 percent.
  2. EL-LeneTM  HDPE H568JA is easy to process because its good flow ability lends itself to the production of plastic bottle caps both by injection molding and continuous compression molding.
  3. EL-LeneTM  HDPE H568JA has been designed to be durable and able to withstand high pressure of carbon dioxide gas, which helps prevent gas permeation and retain the taste of the soft drink.
  4. EL-LeneTM  HDPE H568JA has been certified by US Food and Drug Administration (U.S. FDA) and European Union (EU) Food Contact Commission Regulation No.10/2011 for its safety for contact with food and beverages. A cap produced with this plastic will still retain the quality, safety, and convenience as required by the standards of carbonated soft drink producers.

EL-LeneTM  HDPE H568JA is an eco-friendly innovation that helps drive the trend of lower raw material and energy consumption in the production efficiently. Products manufactured with this plastic also achieve standard properties and quality as with any other plastic. Therefore, EL-LeneTM  HDPE H568JA not only has direct positive impacts on the environment but also benefits bottle cap manufacturers, soft drink producers, and consumers with environmental consciousness.

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