31 Oct 2017

P838C Plastic pellets for printed woven sack lamination for better production and product quality

Small woven sacks are used widely in developing countries thanks to their reusability and superior durability when compared to other types of containers. However, sturdiness alone might not be sufficient to attract consumers as the color and appearance of the container are also deciding factors. Therefore, sack manufacturers have enhanced the aesthetic appeal of their products and produced printed sacks and laminated sacks, which have become a popular container of choice for goods that require attractive packaging such as animal feed, rice, and agricultural products.

Because the quality and the outer appearance of printed sacks or laminates sacks depend not only on the quality of the printing but also on the quality of the lamination itself, SCG Chemicals has developed P838C polypropylene copolymer specifically for extrusion coating and extrusion lamination of polypropylene products to answer lamination needs of sack manufacturers both in terms of quality and production costs.

The characteristics of P838C polypropylene copolymer are as follows.

Good Flowability: This property directly impacts the consistency of lamination. If the entire lamination layer is even in thickness, each sack will weigh approximately the same.

Good Adhesion with PP Substrates: P838C adheres well to PP substrates, whether they are woven, non-woven, or bi-oriented PP films. This characteristic lends it great versatility and allows it to be used to manufacture a wide array of products

Stiffness And Shape Retention: The stiffness of the plastic allows sacks to retain their shapes without sacrificing its impact strength. This property also makes it possible for manufacturers to reduce the thickness of lamination films by at least 10 percent without compromising the shape of the sack, providing an alternative for cost reduction in the production of laminated sacks.

Improved Surface Friction: This allows sacks to be stacked higher.

In addition to laminated woven sacks, P838C pellets can also be used in the lamination of other polypropylene products such as tarpaulin and non-woven sacks, among others.

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