14 Jun 2017

emisspro® Furnace Coating - well accepted and utilized in over 100 industrial furnaces in Thailand and overseas

emisspro® - the first and only furnace coating in ASEAN to receive recognition from major industries in Thailand and overseas as can be seen from achievement of the use of 100 industrial furnace at the end of 2015.

emisspro® has become increasingly recognized among customers over time dueto the coating’s efficiency in absorbing and releasing heat. emisspro® has the ability to withstand temperature higher than 1,600 degree Celsius, adhere to the surface of thermal resistant materials in furnace structures, absorb and release thermal radiation inside furnance, and withstand extremely high temperature, chemical substances, abrasion, and thermal shock resistance. With these properties, emisspro® is long-lasting and does not damage machinery nor cause harm to the workers or the environment.

The most effective method is to coat the inside walls of the furnace, and hence is the idea behind the development of emisspro® furnace coating.

The application of emisspro® in the clients’ manufacturing processes has showed that fuel consumption can be cut by over 35,000 tons/year and release of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere has been reduced by 97,000 tons/ year, which is equal to the planting of 4,450,000 trees. This has earned it the Thailand Energy Award 2014 for innovative energy. emisspro® is also certified as an Eco Product by SCG eco value environmental label.

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