1 Jul 2014

Reduce waste to zero by Active Flow

The biggest problem for plastic manufacturers is injection. The problem is usually that the complete form is not injected due to the lack of the stickiness of the plastic. This causes a lot of damage as the products have to be destroyed and reproduced which, as a result, wastes time and energy. SCG Chemicals have always been aware of this problem so we have been trying to find a solution to help. We call this "conjuring" and it is a key solution to increase the capability of injection work. "Active Flow" was, as a result, invented.

This product contains supplements that help PE and PP plastics to become more flowing. Only 1-3% of the amount of plastic needs to be added to the plastic for it to be efficient. It can be used with all kinds of plastic including recycled plastic. This product is also suitable for big parts of plastic with complicated structure such as palettes, car parts and electric parts. is a product that answers the demands of manufacturers employing injection work especially because it helps reduce damage arising during the production.

From the feedback provided by SCG Chemicals customers who use Active Flow™, it was found that manufacturers do not need to reproduce the products so this reduces the damage from 30% to 0%. The flowing component also means that the production time is reduced as well as the energy needed for the production as manufacturers are not required to adjust the temperature to be higher. Once products are easier and faster to produce without any damage, production also increases by 20%. Not only does this product work well with plastics, Active Flow™ also works efficiently with regrind plastic or leftover plastic, enabling it to take the form of a new plastic called "recycle plastic" which is more flowing and stickier than general plastic.

Active Flow™ is the result of the successful collaboration between SCG Chemicals and our customers over the past 5 years. We have consistently been developing the recipe from powder to sheet and finally to the capsules as they are now. Active Flow capsules are very practical as they can easily be added into the production without having to adjust the temperature. Active Flow™ also has a component that helps spread colors so the colors in the products are consistent and the surface smooth which makes the products more beautiful and in turn adds more value to the products.

In the future, SCG Chemicals will not stop developing Active Flow™ and continuing to make it a better and more efficient product that answers the demands of the manufacturers who would like to make their products slimmer. SCG Chemicals are now in the process of developing Active Flow™ to reduce cooling time so as to save even more time and energy in production, thereby increasing production. Active Flow™ does not only solve problems during production, but it also prevents further damage that might occur to the products, saves time and energy as well as increasing production for the manufacturers. In short, Active Flow™ is like a magic powder that gives more zest to the recipes and the result is a more delectable dish for consumers!

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