25 Apr 2022

SCGC GREEN POLYMER™ High Barrier Coated MDOPE Film for Laminated Full PE Packaging Solution Designed For Recyclability

While Circular Economy is turning mainstream, many types of packaging are still difficult to be recycled, for instance, multi-material flexible packaging that consists of inseparable layers of different material. Main reason of using multi-material is the function to protect product inside with material in each layer guarding different type of components like oxygen or water. SCGC sees the importance of material design to be recyclable for easier path to circulate resource in our economy. SCGC GREEN POLYMER™’s latest development is now advancing our Mono-Material packaging solution to “High Barrier” level in order to serve the sustainable flexible packaging better.

After more than three years of research, testing, and value-chain collaboration, our coating technology, “BWO1501G”, is approved by “RecyClass”, world’s renowned certified body, as the First barrier coating agent in ASEAN that is compatible with the PE flexible recycling stream. The plastic generated by the recycling process can be used in high quality applications, such as PE blown films, up to 25% concentration.

SCGC’s Mono Directional Oriented of polyethylene (MDOPE) film coupled with a thin barrier coating delivers good oxygen transmission rate (OTR, at 23 °C, 0% RH) at lower than 10 cc/m2/day and water vapor transmission rate (WVTR, 38°C, 90%RH) at below 10 g/m2/day. As a result, this high barrier coated MDOPE film can be applied as printing layer and can replace BOPA (Nylon) and BOPET films for Mono-Material packaging in various applications, such as Personal and Homecare Products, Frozen and Chilled Food, and Dried Food.

Using high barrier coated MDOPE film, the overall structure of Mono-Material packaging is more than 90% PE, passing FDA and EU testing on migration test, while maintaining performance in existing printing and lamination process.  Beside ability to recycle, this sample can reduce 22% carbon footprint compared to Multi-Material packaging.

This SCGC GREEN POLYMER™ Mono-Material solution is a huge step to make single type of material to perform high level protection to prevent deterioration currently provided by multi-material packaging leading us to design for a better world. For more information, please contact

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