6 Dec 2023

SCGC and LION Launch Green Solution with SCGC Green Polymer, Introducing Lightweight Packaging for Lipon F Pro and Shokubutsu, Aiming to Reduce Material Usage and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Bangkok – 6 December 2023: SCG Chemicals, or SCGC, a regional market leader in the chemical business and a pioneer in the circular economy committed to fostering business growth alongside sustainability, has partnered with Lion Corporation (Thailand) to introduce a special lightweight packaging solution. Created using SCGC GREEN POLYMERTM with SMX™ technology, this solution is tailored for products such as the dishwashing liquid Lipon F, Pro, and the shower cream Shokubutsu Monogatari. The new packaging can reduce weight by up to 12% while maintaining all the beneficial properties intact. This initiative supports the principles of the circular economy by reducing material usage and lowering greenhouse gas emissions, in line with the Low Waste and Low Carbon direction. Lion has currently made these products available in environmentally friendly packaging across all sales channels.

In this recent development of environmentally friendly packaging, the research and development team at SCGC utilized simulation for evaluation for the design of prototype packaging. This has facilitated a reduction in waste generation and has shortened the development and testing period, enabling much faster packaging development. Coupled with expertise in sustainable plastic innovations from SCGC GREEN POLYMERTM, the approach comprises four main solutions: Reduce, Recyclable, Recycle, and Renewable.

SCGC and Lion Corporation (Thailand) have continuously collaborated on the development of sustainable packaging. In the past, they pioneered the transition of “Pao” laundry detergent packaging to high-quality, odorless PCR, marking the first of its kind in Thailand. Furthermore, they have advanced the design of refill pouches for Shokubutsu Monogatari shower cream, enhancing their recyclability.

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