28 Aug 2023

SCGC Showcases Cutting-Edge Health, Medical, and AI Innovations at IP Fair 2023

Business Innovation Solutions

Mr. Dusit Chairat, Corporate Innovation Director of SCG, and Mr. Pisan Uawittaya, New Business Director of SCG Chemicals Public Company Limited (SCGC), attended the opening ceremony of IP Fair 2023, the Intellectual Property Expo. The event, held under the theme "IP Galaxy: A Universe of Ideas Driving the Economy with Intellectual Property," was presided over by Mr. Wutthikrai Leeveeraphan, Director-General of the Department of Intellectual Property. SCG showcased seven products and solutions across its diverse businesses, spanning health and medical innovations, innovations for better living, and advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). These innovative offerings are designed to cater to consumer needs and enhance quality of life.

SCG places a significant emphasis on intellectual property as a pivotal tool for fostering innovation. Intellectual property is a valuable asset warranting protection against unauthorized use or dissemination. This stance is coupled with a commitment to respect and uphold the intellectual property rights of others. Notably, SCG has successfully filed more than 2,500 patents for innovations, securing Exclusivity IP Rights. This accomplishment stems from a three-pronged strategy: idea generation (IP Creation), safeguarding (IP Protection), and enhancing business value (IP commercialization). These strategies collectively bolster the competitive edge and capacity of SCG to create innovative products and services aligned with consumer demands. SCGC underscores the significance of production, marketing, and sales in generating business revenue.

Health and Medical Innovation: MED SAFE Smart Medicine Dispensing Cart

The MED SAFE system addresses the needs of closed-loop medication administration, facilitated by computer-prescribing physicians. Information directly transmitted from the physicians to the dispensing cart streamlines the process, with the cart featuring patient-specific drawers. These drawers are accessible through identity scanning, ensuring precise dispensing and minimizing human errors. The system also monitors drawer status, temperature, and humidity to maintain medications according to JCI standards, thereby preserving their quality for patients. MED SAFE's design is protected by product design patents and copyrights.

VAROGARD Masks and Virus-Inhibiting Air Filters for Air Conditioners

The VAROGARD mask incorporates HeiQ Viroblock from Switzerland into the melt-blown filter layer, effectively obstructing viruses and bacteria. Similarly, AC Filters coated with VAROGARD virus and bacteria inhibitors prevent virus and bacteria transmission through air conditioning systems. These innovations were developed by SCGC in response to the COVID-19 crisis, demonstrating the company's commitment to user safety and infection prevention. Rigorous testing, including SARs-CoV-2 inhibition tests from the Faculty of Medicine at Siriraj Hospital, bacterial inhibition assessments by NSTDA, and tissue non-toxicity evaluations by the Department of Medical Sciences, underscore the efficacy and safety of the coatings. Patent protection and trademark rights have been secured for these inventions.

The MED SAFE Smart Medicine Dispensing Cart, Varogard Masks, and AC Filters are products developed by Texplore within SCG Chemicals Business Group (SCGC).

HOLIS by SCGP – A Holistic Health Care Innovation

SCGP leverages its expertise in cultivating high-value medicinal plants, such as cordyceps militaris, bamboo mushrooms, and jiaogulan, to create HOLIS by SCGP. This brand transforms these plants into nutritional supplements for comprehensive healthcare, catering to the well-being of every member of the household. Trademark protection safeguards the HOLIS brand.

ALMIND by SCGP – Personal Care Products Enriched with Natural Extract AQUACELLA®

ALMIND by SCGP features AQUACELLA®, a natural extract derived from eucalyptus cellulose utilizing innovative nanotechnology. This extract effectively retains moisture and essential substances within the skin layer. ALMIND products are suitable for individuals with sensitive skin, including children, and prioritize user safety. Trademark protection safeguards the ALMIND brand.

Innovations for Better Living: AIR ION – Air-Purifying Tiles by COTTO

The air purifying tiles, known as AIR ION, capture up to 89% of PM2.5 dust, reducing airborne particles within 30 minutes. Without requiring electricity, the tiles emit ions due to the presence of natural minerals like Tourmaline in the glaze layer. These ions react with and capture dust in the air, causing it to settle on the floor. Trade secrets safeguard the innovation's unique properties.

SCG Fretwork by SCG Smart Living

SCG Fretwork introduces perforated walls crafted from fiber cement and alternative materials. These walls showcase intricate patterns, which can be customized based on customer preferences using the Water Jet Machine technique. A computer-based system calculates product prices, making it a versatile choice for both exterior and interior decoration. The solution's durability, termite resistance, and application possibilities have been applied for petty patent protection and have received copyright protection.

Innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI): Qonnect Industrial IoT for Smart Factory

Qonnect Industrial IoT empowers factory machinery for online usage by collecting precise machine data. This data is seamlessly connected through developed software, facilitating real-time analysis and informed decision-making. This innovation streamlines data utilization for enhanced machine efficiency and optimized production processes. Patent protection have been requested to underscore the ingenuity of this solution, while petty patent protection have been granted.

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