28 Aug 2023

Updates: SCGC x Plastics2Olefins

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Since June 2022, SCGC and 14 partners have been working on purifying the gas that originates from the pyrolysis of unsorted plastic waste. While sorted and pure plastic waste can be recycled relatively well, a major problem is the recycling of unsorted waste, which still holds a large share of valuable carbon feedstock. The plastics have multiple impurities that need to be purified by state-of-the-art technology. The Plastics2Olefins project is investigating new methods to overcome this challenge.

SCGC aims to achieve 1 million tonnes of green product in 2030. So, we work in many solutions to meet the target.

Plastic2Olefins technology will be an alternative solution to recycle low quality waste from landfill.

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