8 Sept 2022

SCGC × Colgate Launch Eco-Friendly Packaging of Palmolive Shower Cream Made from “SCGC GREEN POLYMER™” High Quality Odorless PCR Resin

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Bangkok – 6 September 2022 SCG Chemicals or SCGC has partnered with Colgate-Palmolive (Thailand) Limited to launch packaging of personal care products made from High Quality Odorless PCR Resin under the brand “SCGC GREEN POLYMER™”. Palmolive shower cream is the first product line to have packaging made from this High Quality Odorless PCR Resin, with plans to introduce it to other product lines in the future. For the first time, Colgate and SCGC collaborated to use PCR plastic for personal care product packaging that focuses heavily on the product's fragrance and keeps unwanted odors from interfering with the fragrance contained within the packaging. The solution addresses customers' needs in the South Pacific market that continue to place a high value on quality and sustainability which has been commercialized since June 2022. The approach helps minimize waste and promote household used plastic recycling, following circular economy principle, while lowering greenhouse gas emissions, a sustainable way of addressing the global warming crisis.

Colgate-Palmolive is committed to achieving sustainable changes in both society and the environment, with the goal of reimaging a healthier future for all people and our planet. The partnership with SCGC reinforces Colgate's sustainability strategy, which aims to use at least 25% PCR in all plastic packaging and reduce the use of virgin resins by a third by 2025, as well as to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. Working with partners such as SCGC guides us toward success in developing more circular packaging that is of high quality and meets the needs of fragrance-focused personal care products. The solution has been firstly introduced to the Palmolive shower cream product, launched on the market since June. This heralds the increase of recycled plastic in personal care packaging in the South Pacific.

Tanawong Areeratchakul, President of SCG Chemicals or SCGC said, "SCGC is moving towards "Chemicals Business for Sustainability" and conducts business in line with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) to innovative green polymer materials based on the principles of the circular economy. The partnership with Colgate is a synergy of two major organizations that will open up new possibilities for recycled packaging as it was formerly used for household goods. Its application can now be expanded to personal care products that require special attention to fragrance, such as body and hair care products. SCGC has developed High Quality Odorless PCR under brand "SCGC GREEN POLYMER™" and cooperates with Teamplas Chemical Co., Ltd., a leading plastic recycler in Thailand, by recycling well-sorted and cleaned post-consumer plastic within Thailand. It uses deodorizing technology prior to molding them into packaging, making them free of unwanted odors. Furthermore, packaging traceability is available for verifying the origin of recycled plastics certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). The manufacturing of PCR plastic requires less energy than conventional plastic, contributing to a 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions."

The High Quality Odorless PCR is one of the eco-friendly solutions under the brand “SCGC GREEN POLYMER™” which comprises eco-friendly polymer solutions encompassing four areas: (1) REDUCE – reducing resource consumption and increasing resource efficiency; (2) RECYCLABLE – design for recyclability; (3) RECYCLE – implement recycling; and (4) RENEWABLE – developing environmentally friendly bio compostable compound and bioplastics made from renewable resources.

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