4 Aug 2022

SCGC's Shinkolite Becomes Thailand’s First and Only Certified Thai Industrial Standard (TIS)

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Bangkok - 4 August 2022 The premium-grade Shinkolite acrylic sheet has been certified to the Thai Industrial Standard (TIS) No. 2685-2558, making it the first and only acrylic sheet in Thailand to obtain this newly issued certification, thus elevating the standard of the product and providing assurance of its quality. Siripan Artnonla, Deputy Managing Director, Thai MMA Co., Ltd. (TMMA) of SCGC, received the certification document on behalf of TMMA from Mr. Banjong Sukreeta, Secretary-General of the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) under the Ministry of Industry at TISI office.

The Thai Industrial Standard No. 2685-2558 specifies requirements for the manufacturing of quality acrylic sheets. The acrylic sheet must have even thickness, a smooth surface, and no blemishes, air bubbles, or scratches throughout. It must also be clear and transparent, and the color, if any, must be distributed evenly across the sheet. The standard also specifies physical properties that the acrylic must have and requires the acrylic sheet to be wrapped in protective material against dust, dirt, and scratches throughout the duration of transportation and storage.

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