18 Dec 2021

SCG Chemicals and Alliances Organize “Rayong Young Gen Save the Earth Clip Content 2021” Promoting Environmental Mindset Among Youth

Rayong – 18 December 2021 SCG Chemicals together with Provincial Office of Natural Resources and Environment Rayong, Department of Marine and Coastal Resources 1, and Rayong Forestry Department organized “Rayong Young Gen Save the Earth Clip Contest 2021” or “Rayong-saver, save the earth for sustainable environment”. The effort aims to promote environmental awareness and enhance local youths’ capability to be environment leaders in the society through creative VDO clips. The activity helps to instill environmental mindset and prepare young generation to be spokespersons in the future. 

Over 230 youths from Rayong participated the event and submitted 18 VDO clips, with 5 winners received 5 prizes.

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