4 Oct 2021

SCG Chemicals' RIL Becomes Thailand’s First-Ever Industrial Estate To Be Certified Eco-World Class For Three Consecutive Years, Highlighting An Industrial Development and Care Model For Communities And Environment

Bangkok – 4 October, 2021 RIL 1996 Co., Ltd. under SCG Chemicals has been certified with the top-tier Eco-World Class status by the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) for the third consecutive year, making it the first company in Thailand to achieve this honor. This accomplishment is a testament to its commitment to elevating management standards and setting an example as an eco-industrial estate that takes into account the enhancement of quality of life, society, and the environment according to guidelines for sustainable development and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) practices. Mr. Booneuame Noiaim, Managing Director of RIL 1996 Co., Ltd. under SCG Chemicals and Mr. Anuchit Sawat, Director of the Office of Joint-Management Industrial Estate of Map Ta Phut Complex, received the certificate from Mr. Veeris Ammarapala, the Governor of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) at the virtually-held ECO Innovation Forum 2021.

Mr. Booneuame Noiaim, Managing Director of RIL 1996 Co., Ltd. under SCG Chemicals, said, “Guided by the concept of sustainable industrial development of SCG Chemicals, we have cooperated with the government sector, the industrial sector, and local communities to establish an eco-industrial estate in Rayong. In addition, we have successfully driven the transformation of all manufacturing facilities in RIL Industrial Estate into eco-factories and used sustainable development and ESG guidelines as our operational framework for management and consistently elevated various management standards, such as Process Safety Management (PSM), Green Industry Level 5, and Eco Factory standards. As a result, RIL has become Thailand’s first-ever industrial estate to be awarded the highest-rank Eco-World Class certificate for three consecutive years since 2019 and a model of eco-industrial estate that places emphasis on enhancing quality of life, communities, and the environment to ensure its harmonious and sustainable co-existence with the surrounding communities.

Key initiatives that have earned RIL Industrial Estate the Eco-World Class status this year include: a symbiosis project involving fuel gas exchange and flare gas recycling among plants within the industrial estate, which reduces and converts waste into added commercial value and serves as a model for Thailand; a circular economy project involving the reactivation of activated carbon for reuse, which has reduced over 90 tons of waste over the past two years; and an eco-community project at Noen Phayom Community in Map Ta Phut Municipality, Rayong, which promotes infrastructural development, activities, and community consolidation to elevate the quality of life. Other projects focus on the local economy, such as a community enterprise promotion project that provides manufacturing, market, and sales support; environmental issues, such as a waste separation and value creation project; and community safety, such as The Lifesaver program.

At the events, awards were also given to four more plants under SCG Chemicals. Thanks to the introduction of digital technology and innovation to optimize the manufacturing process and energy management, Thai Polyethylene Co., Ltd. won an Eco Factory award; Rayong Olefins Co., Ltd. received a Factory 4.0 award in the Smart Energy category and an Eco Factory award, and Map Ta Phut Olefins Co., Ltd. won a Factory 4.0 award in the Smart Process category. This year, only five factories were given Industry 4.0 awards. The awards demonstrate the determination and the collaborative spirit to drive all sectors towards sustainable industrial development on the basis of economic, social, and environmental balance and foster Thailand’s economic prosperity.

The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) provides three levels of certification for eco-industrial estates, namely Eco-Champion (Level 1), Eco-Excellence (Level 2), and Eco-World Class (Highest Level), along with two levels of certification for factories that contribute information for eco-industrial town development, which are Eco-Factory and Factory 4.0.

About RIL Industrial Estate
RIL Industrial Estate under SCG Chemicals was established on an area of 1,700 rai in Map Ta Phut Sub-district in Rayong in 2004. By applying eco-industrial estate standards in five major aspects, namely physical, economic, environmental, social, and management, to the management within the industrial estate and of the surrounding communities, RIL has become a model for fostering symbiotic relationships with communities and implementing social, economic, and environmental practices for sustainable co-existence. RIL Industrial Estate was certified "Eco-Champion" with the highest score for three consecutive years (2014-2016) and received Thailand’s first-ever Eco-Excellence certification in 2017 before becoming the first industrial estate in Thailand to achieve the Eco-World Class status, the highest category available, in 2019. Currently, RIL Industrial Estate successfully maintained its management standards and the Eco-World Class status for three consecutive years and is still striving to uphold its system as well as apply new technology and innovation for maximum benefits, with the primary goal of ensuring harmonious and sustainable co-existence.

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