19 Sept 2021

SHINKOLITE Ushers In A New Normal For Public Ppassenger Vehicles With Transparent Acrylic Partitions Reducing Risky Touch Points For Safe Commutes

Bangkok – 19 September 2021 Following the easing of the lockdown measures earlier in September – a promising sign that the COVID-19 is being brought under control, people are beginning to commute again as many companies and schools are making plans to resume on-site work and instructions. However, it is undeniable that in recent months, public transportation has seen a decline in ridership as people are concerned they might get infected by the germs that are dispersed in the passenger cabin and are still feeling uneasy even with mask mandates for both drivers and riders in place, thus directly affecting all public passenger service providers, whether they operate public transportation or rental vehicles.

Siripan Artnonla, Deputy Managing Director of Thai MMA Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and producer of high-quality acrylic sheets under the SHINKOLITE brand and a subsidiary of SCG Chemicals explained the situation, saying, “The government has imposed lockdown measures for the safety of the citizens. As fewer people leave home, public transportation has lost the majority of its passengers. Even those who are stilling commuting are reluctant to do so because new COVID-19 variants are raging. As such, people have been avoiding public transportation.”

Physical distancing between the driver and the passenger is thus critical. Siriphan said, “We recognize that public transportation is still indispensable for many people and that we need to find a way to give them assurance, striking the balance between preventing transmission and keeping daily life going. At SHINKOLITE, as a producer and manufacturer of clear acrylic sheets, we try to find a solution and address this challenge, using the innovative products and services that we have. Therefore, we have worked with our partner to develop and produce SHINKOLITE clear acrylic partitions for passenger compartments.”

While public transportation operators already have stringent disinfection measures in place for high-touch points, a SHINKOLITE clear acrylic partitions for passenger compartments will help boost confidence for passengers by clearly creating a physical distance between the driver and the passenger as well as reducing risks of contact with aerosol in the passenger cabin, thus offering another layer of protection on top of the protective gear that the driver and the passenger are already wearing mask, creating what’s called ‘double protection.’

The design of the SHINKOLITE clear acrylic partition for passenger compartments takes advantage of the transparency, light weight, safety, and weather durability of the premium-grade acrylic sheet. The partition is also tailored to fit each vehicle model, allowing users to easily install it by themselves. In addition, the clarity of the acrylic sheet does not compromise visibility or make the cabin feel cramped. The partition can also be wiped down very easily with a soft towel and water, soapy water, or alcohol as many times as you want.

Given the situation, the public passenger service industry will need to make major adjustments to keep up with the new way of life and establish a new standard of its own for commuters. In other words, every commute must be safe and hygienic, in which a physical distance is maintained in the passenger cabin to assure commuters with a clear acrylic partition – a perfect solution for transportation in the new normal era.

If you are interested in “SHINKOLITE acrylic partitions for taxis and public passenger vehicles,” please contact Nacharat Sarachan at Tel: 081 491 1392 and Keerawan Iem-ongkij at Tel: 086 823 9555 at the SHINKOLITE acrylic product division, Thai MMA Co., Ltd., Facebook Page: ShinkoliteAcrylic, or website:

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