2 Apr 2021

SCG Provides Waste Management Learning Stations to Schools in Rayong Province, Strengthening Circularity to Teenagers

Rayong — 2 April 2021 Chemicals Business, SCG led by Namthip Samphowprasert, brand management & CSR director, together with managements and employees, provided waste management learning stations to schools under Waste-Free Community project in Rayong province, which are Banmaptaphut Primary School, Wat Chak Luk Ya School, and Mabchalood School.

The learning stations aim to provide active learning and encourage maximizing-resource awareness based on circular economy, as well as promote behavior change “maximizing resource, separating waste, proper disposal” from school to family and community.

The common waste in schools are food waste, milk pouches, and leaves, which lead to following waste management learning stations in schools.

  • Green canteen station: Promote no leftovers and transform food waste to fertilizer
  • Green cone station: Change food waste to fertilizer
  • Milk pouches save the world station: Recycle milk-pouch waste to be useful items
  • No-flipping fertilizer station: Turn leave and branch waste to fertilizer.

The activity provided waste separation training and station in schools, which will be sold to community waste bank. The earnings will be later used for academic purpose.

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