17 Dec 2020

SCG Joins MNRE’s “Towards Pollution-free Thailand” Eco-friendly Caravan Tour, Reaffirming Commitment To Waste Management for Sustainable Pollution Reduction

Suphan Buri – 17 December 2020 Chemicals Business, SCG, led by Mr. Thanachai Piyasrithong, Circular Economy Program Manager, contributed its waste management knowledge in “Towards Pollution-free Thailand,” an eco-friendly caravan tour organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) at PTT Tha Rahat Oil Station in Suphan Buri. With Natural Resources and Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa presiding over the opening ceremony, the event sought not only to offer a platform where the public could help drive Thailand towards a pollution-free society by themselves at home but also to share with the public the knowledge of various eco-friendly practices, such as separating waste before disposal, increasing green areas by growing trees, and treating wastewater before releasing it into water supplies. The event also included consultation on pollution, plastic bag drop-off points for recycling, educational activities on disposal of different types of waste, and tree sapling giveaway in the hope of increasing green space in a combat against pollution.

At the event, the Chemicals Business, SCG, displayed an exhibition that educated visitors on proper at-source waste management through three habits that were in line with the concept of circular economy and could be readily practiced at home: #resourcemaximization#correctsorting, and #properdisposal. The company also presented the Bang Sue Model, a waste management model that was expanded to communities and led to the “Waste-free Community Project,” along with KoomKah, a mobile application offered convenience to waste banks and communities, as well as initiatives that illustrated how used plastics could be put to good use to benefit communities and schools, such as a project where milk pouches in schools were recycled into chairs, and an innovative litter trap that intercepted marine waste before it reached the sea. In addition, in order to increase drop points for clean plastics under the “Magic Hands X Won by PPP Plastics” Project, the Chemicals Business, in coordination with PPP Plastics and MNRE, also gave drop-off bins to 10 member organizations in the network in Suphan Buri. The caravan tour was a collaboration between government agencies, private organizations, the public, and educational institutions that was aimed at fostering participation and encouraging the public to show their responsibility in helping to reduce pollution and protect the environment for posterity.

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