3 Jul 2020

SCG's Acrylic Partition 'Shinkolite' Are Being Installed for Taxis to Reduce COVID-19 Transmission after Lockdown

Bangkok – 3 July 2020 SHINKOLITE, the world’s premier clear acrylic sheet producer, has unveiled new “acrylic partitions” specifically designed for taxis and public passenger vehicles to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission and establish a new safety standard for the assurance of both drivers and passengers. Easy to assemble, dismantle, and disinfect, the new design is compatible with various car models and has the same level of clarity as glass, which means it will not cause eye strain to both drivers and passengers. The partition, which also doubles as a deterrent against robbery, has been piloted by Golden Yellow Taxi Cooperative in an effort to implement physical distancing.

Mr. Siripan Artnonla, Deputy Managing Director, Thai MMA Co., Ltdof Chemicals Business, SCG, said, “Although the lockdown has been lifted as there has been no local case of COVID-19 for over a month, we still need to keep our guard up and come up with measures to prevent a resurgence.Among the concerns that many people have raised is the prevention of transmission in taxis and public passenger vehicles, which are seeing a large number of daily passengers. While passengers are now wearing masks during a ride, we would like to ensure that a physical distance between them and the driver is maintained. Therefore, we have designed SHINKOLITE acrylic partitions for taxis and public passenger vehicles to set a new safety standard for these vehicles. These lightweight acrylic partitions have glass-like clarity and can be easily installed without the need for any frames. In addition, because they serve as physical barriers that help prevent mugging, SHINKOLITE acrylic partitions can ensure the safety of both chauffeurs and passengers.

“A new challenge for taxi drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic is that they need to adapt to the new normal and implement additional safety measures, which include mandatory face masks while on duty. Furthermore, to provide assurance to passengers, SHINKOLITE acrylic partitions have been installed to shield them from the drivers. Because the clear acrylic partition is the perfect size and, once installed, can be removed very easily, it has garnered positive feedback from taxi drivers. What’s interesting is that the invention also helps prevent robbery and protect your property,” stated Mr. Kitichai Woramongkholchai, President of Golden Yellow Taxi Cooperative.

Constructed out of premium-grade acrylic sheets, the SHINKOLITE acrylic partition for taxis and public passenger vehicles is lightweight, easy to disinfect, and compatible with a wide variety of car models. Designed with safety and functionality in mind, the partition does not compromise visibility thanks to its glass-like clarity and perfectly divides the cabin room into sections for the driver and the passenger. By securing it to the metal posts on the headrest of the driver’s seat with cable ties, the acrylic partition can be quickly and easily installed by a single person and can be easily removed when not in use. SHINKOLITE has also previously introduced acrylic partitions for use in various establishments, such as offices, shops, and restaurants.

If you are interested in “SHINKOLITE acrylic partitions for taxis and public passenger vehicles,” please contact Kitja Samsriphokaew at the SHINKOLITE acrylic product division, Thai MMA Co., Ltd., at Tel: 062-594-5666,  Facebook Page: ShinkoliteAcrylic, or website:

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