28 Oct 2019

SCG Showcases Plastic Innovation for Sustainability at K2019 in Germany’s Dusseldorf

DUSSELDORF, GERMANY – October 30, 2019 Chemicals Business, SCG, has aggressively accelerated its research and development to develop products fit for the Circular Economy principles, and unveiled special-grade plastic that can maximize the proportion of recyclable plastics while maintaining its excellent functional properties and minimizing plastic and resource usage. The approach aims to respond to the global market demand for greater sustainability and enhance a competitive edge for brands and customers. Recently, it has showcased a series of plastic innovations for sustainability at K2019, the world’s no.1 trade fair for plastics and rubber in Germany.

Mr. Roongrote Rangsiyopash, President of CEO of SCG, disclosed that the development of High Value-Added (HVA) products and services is among core strategies of SCG’s business operations, which the research and development placed as a vital driving force. In 2018, SCG invested a total of 4,600 MB on R&D, where the Chemicals Business’ total R&D spending stood at 2,400 MB or 53% of SCG’s R&D expenditure, and 1.1% of total sales revenue of Chemicals Business. Currently, Chemicals Business employs a total of 690 R&D personnel and has registered a total of 1,200 patents, up 40% compared to the previous year. SCG has established various ways of R&D approaches, including closed innovation and open innovation e.g., in-depth collaboration with partners to develop innovation and R&D network with the world’s leading researchers and institutes such as the University of Oxford. The approach helped drive HVA sales to as high as 53% in 2018.

For the product development built to fit Circular Economy principles, Chemicals Business has established a policy to coherently reducing the production of single-use plastic by cutting it from 46% in 2008 to 20% in 2020. At the same time, it has increased the proportion of durable plastic usage - one of the HVA products - by developing products based on the Circular Economy which not only be a solution to meet the domestic and international market demand and help improve competitive edge for brands and customers, but also mitigate adverse environmental impacts and reduce greenhouse gas emissions better compared to other materials.

Mr. Tanawong Areeratchakul, President of Chemicals Business, SCG, added that Chemicals Business, SCG, has showcased plastic innovation for sustainability at K2019 in Germany, the world's largest trade fair for plastic and rubber, attended by over 3,300 exhibitors. The fair is a vital indicator of trends and directions of the plastic and rubber industry. Chemicals Business, SCG, presented the booth under the theme of "Passion for a Better World", which demonstrates the company's confidence in plastic innovation built upon the Circular Economy concept as sustainable solutions to the global market demand.  

This year’s highlights of Chemicals Business, SCG, are superior strength polyethylene resins by breakthrough SMXTM technology developed by SCG that provide material thickness reduction, minimizing material consumption while maintaining mechanical properties. The products offer a variety of applications such as SMX™ 551BU resin for the intermediate bulk container (IBC), SCG™ HDPE S111F for high impact film with enhanced toughness, and improved puncture resistance, and SCG™ HDPE SX002JA for lightweight closure with reduced material consumption yet higher strength. Besides, SCG’s SMXTM technology can be further applied to develop gas pipes, mining pipes, and pipes that can withstand high pressure.

Another intriguing trend of this year’s presentation is the ambitious approach to achieve a fully recyclable process. At K2019, Chemicals Business, SCG, has introduced the innovative concept of packaging that can substitute the Flexible Packaging that consists of multiple non-recyclable film barriers. SCG has developed Mono-Material Packaging that is eco-friendly recyclability since it contains special additives CIERRA® - Barrier developed by SCG to replace metalized film with improved control of moisture and oxygen transfer.

SCG also showcased the plastic resin solutions based on the Circular Economy which are made of the mixture of special-grade SCG plastic resins and the Post-Consumer Recycled Resin (PCR), offering recommended applications of consumer bags, personal and home care bottles and carbonated soft drink closures.

In addition to the plastic innovation for sustainability built upon the Circular Economy, Chemicals Business, SCG, also provides customers, brand owners, and enthusiasts with innovative service solutions covering material selection & formulation, application development, design & engineer solutions and networking, as well as professional teams anticipating to develop products and seek solutions to meet customer’s diverse demand to ensure mutual and sustainable growth for the business and the world.

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