11 Oct 2019

SCG Bags 2 NIA Awards at the Innovation Thailand Expo 2019

BANGKOK – October 5, 2019 Chemicals Business, SCG has won a Total Innovation Management Award in the Large Business Category and a National Innovation Award for Social Contributions in the Private Sector Category for its “Thailand’s First Reinvented Toilet” or Zyclonic™, at the Innovation Thailand Expo 2019Dr. Pan-arj Chairatana, Director of the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) or NIA, presented the awards to the Chemicals Business, SCG, represented by Dr. Suracha Udomsak, Vice President – CTO – Innovation and Technology, Chemicals Business, SCG at Samyan Mitrtown, Bangkok.

Dr. Suracha Udomsak, Vice President – CTO – Innovation and Technology at Chemicals Business, SCG, remarked that the company has been developing innovation, focusing on R&D for commercialization and open collaboration with leading research agencies, both domestic and international to create high value added products and services (HVAs) to cater to both in Thailand and overseas. In addition, by grounding its R&D projects in advanced research and putting in place clear research project management systems, the company has been able to develop new products, including. SCG™ HDPE H112PC, a black polyethylene compound developed with SCG’s patented technology that offers superior properties compared to regular PE100. Another example of such innovations is SMX™ Technology, which SCG has developed for the manufacturing of special-grade polyethylene resins with greater strength. Thanks to this enhanced property, the same product can be produced with less material while retaining the same strength. With this technology, SCG has created different grades of polyethylene resins that enhance product properties and can be used for different applications.

In 2018, Chemicals Business, SCG applied for 180 patents in Thailand and overseas combined and set aside over THB 2.48 billion for research and development, an equivalent of 53 percent of SCG’s total research and development budget and 1.1 percent of the sale revenue of the Chemicals Business, SCG.

Chemicals Business, SCG has also focused on developing innovation for society, particularly the quality of life, and has won a National Innovation Award for Social Contributions in the Private Sector Category for its “Thailand’s First Reinvented Toilet” or Zyclonic™, developed in collaboration with the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). The collaborative project has given rise to a solution for global sanitation and sustainably elevated the level of sanitation for people across the world, especially those living in remote areas and public spaces that are in need to proper toilets and treatment systems. The distinguishing features of this innovation is the waste treatment system, which can readily disinfect waste and separate solid and liquid waste at the rate of 100%. As a result, the system releases no harmful pathogens and bacteria into the sewage system, rivers and canals, reducing the risk of communicable diseases. The treatment system also allows clean water to be recovered for reuse while transforming solid waste into useful soil conditioners for agricultural purposes.

“For Thailand’s First Reinvented Toilet or Zyclonic ™, SCG is also working with world-class organizations in the sanitation industry to bring safe sanitation to about 40% of the world’s population (2.5 billion) still in need of adequate sanitation facilities,” added Dr. Suracha.

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