18 Apr 2014

Green turnaround for take into account the impact on the communities and environment is significant

SCG Chemicals' business practices have been based on sustainable development. This is aimed at creating a balance between the economy, society and the environment so that we can all live together sustainably. SCG Chemicals is also striving to establish model eco factories by implementing eco innovations in factory processes and management. This includes everything from eco-friendly material selection to manufacturing processes and research and development to major maintenance activities or "Turnarounds".

A turnaround is when factory machinery is shut down for major maintenance every 5-6 years. Maintenance and repairs are done on both small and large machinery as well as other parts of the factory to keep them in good working condition and able to carry out safe manufacturing. The maintenance at SCG Chemicals is conducted according to "Green Turnaround" guidelines, which takes impacts on communities and the environment into consideration.

The highlight of this GreenTurnaround is the Enclosure Ground Flare. This innovation was aimed at improving the elimination of gasses from manufacturing processes. Factories generally use High Pressure Flare systems, which involves high-pressure steam. The loud noise of the high-pressure steam being pumped through pipes and the high heat from the flares can be a disturbance to nearby communities. However, the enclosure groundflare system uses differences in temperatures to move air, instead of using high-pressure steam, to draw-in air for combustion. This reduces noise while ensuring a more complete combustion with no smoke. The flare is contained in a combustion chamber, ensuring that no light and heat escapes into the atmosphere.

Environmental management was also incorporated into this turnaround. For example, waste and garbage was clearly sorted into hazardous and non-hazardous categories for reuse and recycling, it was then transported to waste facilities which have been certified by the Department of Industrial Works, GPS devices were also installed on all vehicles carrying hazardous waste in order to track their locations. Furthermore, the plant tried to reduce waste by using biodegradable materials instead of waste that needs to be buried.

Air, noise pollution and waste water was carefully controlled through theinstallation of an odor control room and scrubber to reduce the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), the installation of silencers, regulating maintenance times and treating waste water from all activities to meet standards before being released out of the plant, etc.

At SCG Chemicals, importance is given to the environment and surrounding communities. Before every Green Turnaround, a Job Impact Community Analysis – JICA – is conducted. Representatives from environmental as well as occupational healthand safety organizations are invited on site periodically to inspect the precautions taken against any side effects possibly caused by the activities listed in the JICA to ensure that the works do not affect surrounding communities. Furthermore, communication and public relations campaigns involving the communities, government agencies and related parties are organized. These include informative posters, public announcements, SMS notifications, open house activities inviting community members to visit the plant and OMOC Knock Door activities in which management visit the surrounding communities to meet and greet residents and explain about the Green Turnaround.

SCG Chemicals believes that industries, the environment and communities can co-exists if all parties remain open-minded to the advantages offered to society at large. Furthermore, if the management of such activities meets the standards for sustainable development, they will lead to improved quality of life, a better society and sustainable environment.

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