7 Mar 2014

SCG Chemicals proudly announce Own Development of Compound Formulation of 100% Compostable Bio-Coating accredited by DIN CERTCO Debuting Thailand's first DIN CERTCO-Certified of its

SCG Chemicals, determined to make its products entirely environmentally friendly, has recently launched – the 100% compostable compounded Bio-Coating that can decompose naturally within 180 days. Claiming Thailand''s first compounded Bio-coating certified by DIN CERTCO of Germany, this new compounded Bio-Coating is poised to be yet another option for a better environmental sustainability.

Committed to the environment, SCG Chemicals has successfully developed a new green product – the ''Compounded Bio-Coating for Paper Packaging'' that makes the paper packaging entirely bio-compostable. While providing a robust form that allows a paper packaging a leak-proof quality and having good puncture resistance, this bio-coating also makes the entire packaging a 100% bio-compostable. The compounded Bio-Coating will degrade and decompose, under the given suitable condition, into carbon dioxide, water and biomass within 180 days.

This bio-coating is made entirely from renewable sources, such as sugar cane, tapioca, bean and corn, goes through polymerization process, and compounding process to make it suitable for the coating application while remaining its bio-compostable characteristics. This Compounded Bio-Coating fully complies with EU 10/2011 of European food safety standard thus, it is safe for food contact and can withstand up to 100 degrees Celsius. Beverage cup is one of the most popular applications. The success of SCG Chemicals has also earned the company an international recognition.

Among choices of Bio-Coating available in Thailand, our product is the first who received internationally acclaimed from DIN CERTCO of Germany under the TV Rheinland and DIN groups. Mr. Yuttana Jiamtragan, Managing Director of SCG Performance Chemicals Company Limited, said that "The global demands for Bio plastic continue to grow following the sustained trend of environmental awareness that boosts the demands for green and bio-based products. We expect to see more commercially successes of bioplastic that can be developed into even more sustainable products for better environment."

"Paper packages coated with this 100% bio-coating have no less quality than other conventional plastic-coated-paper packaging, but they are much kinder to the environment for their 100% compostability. They impose no threats to the environment and add nothing to the already threatening piles of land waste. This is then a wonderful choice that can truly help sustain the environment," adds Mr. Yuttana.

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