1 Mar 2024

5 After-Work Activities to “Heal and Energize” Yourself in 2024

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we all virtually said goodbye to working in the office and shifted to working from home (WFH). Despite the easing of the situation, the work-from-home mode persists. A survey conducted by Forbes Advisor in 2023 revealed that "out of 100 employees, as many as 13 people work from home full-time, while another 28 are engaged in hybrid working." This shift in work patterns has undeniably led to increased free time after work!

It might be better to spend this newfound time on activities other than watching movies or series on streaming platforms. Data from 2021 reveals that full-time employees spend about 5 hours and 45 minutes on such activities, mostly in the evening. SCGC invites everyone to dedicate their post-work evenings to engaging in 5 activities to help them feel refreshed, flexible, and entertained.

#1 Read Something Fun and Unrelated to Work

Research from the University of Sussex shows that reading fiction can reduce stress levels by up to 68%, which is more effective than listening to music, walking, or sipping tea. Many perceive reading as a tool to become more productive, knowledgeable, and engaging. However, as bestselling author Matt Haig once said, "Reading isn’t important because it helps to get you a job. It’s important because it gives you room to exist beyond the reality you’re given.”

#2 Sweat it Out - Exercise to Relieve Stress

This is another popular activity among working people in this era, who are increasingly focusing on exercising. Whether going to the gym after work for a comprehensive workout with privacy, running in the park, cycling, swimming, or engaging in sports to sweat it out and help rejuvenate one's health to be more prepared for work.

At SCGC, we have employee activity clubs such as a running club, a mental health development club, and we provide a sports center for employees to use as a place to exercise. Additionally, there is a health center, which spans 5 floors, including a hospital on the first floor with doctors and medical personnel on duty to promptly provide care in case of illness or emergency accidents. From the second floor upwards, there is a comprehensive fitness center with trainers to offer exercise guidance, including a spacious room for yoga or dance workouts. Everyone can bring their workout clothes to change at the health center because lockers are available to prevent the loss of belongings. Apply for a job at SCGC here.

#3 Write a One-Line Journal Entry Every Day

"Writing" is an excellent tool for unleashing creativity and organizing thoughts. Even if we do not plan to publish or print, writing helps us think and reflect effectively. If you cannot focus on keeping a complex and lengthy daily diary, writing just one line a day can still provide a sense of accomplishment and control. This short journaling method is an effective way to capture final thoughts before drifting off to sleep at night and helps you focus on the small joys that occur throughout the day.

#4 Eat Whatever You Want After Work

Meeting friends in a relaxed atmosphere enjoying favorite foods or drinks that you enjoy can help alleviate the stress of a hard day. Some may discuss life's problems, others may gossip with gusto, or maybe you just seek out delicious eats and enjoy quality time together. These moments build up the motivation and positive energy needed to face another workday with renewed strength.

#5 Clear Your Mind to Prepare for the New Day

Advice from suggests spending a few minutes before bed on simple tasks to prevent distractions the next morning, such as cleaning your desk, preparing work materials, and eliminating evening distractions to make focusing easier in the morning. Furthermore, writing a to-do list, planning appointments in your calendar, or simply clearing your mind for 5 minutes in the evening can prevent unresolved issues from overwhelming your thoughts and brain.

These 5 activities that SCGC encourages everyone to do after work are just a part of the effort to help you relax physically and mentally, practice work-life balance, move forward into the new day with full energy, and fully embrace challenges at work.

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