22 Feb 2024

Green Careers: 2024 Job Opportunities and The Future Sustainability

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In the ever-evolving landscape of the job market, 2024 promises a dynamic shift towards industries that prioritize innovations and sustainability. This article delves into the burgeoning job opportunities driven by technological advancements and a growing commitment to environmental responsibility.

#1 Green Technology and Renewable Energy

As the world intensifies its efforts to combat climate change, job opportunities in green technology and renewable energy are on the rise. Positions ranging from solar engineers to sustainability analysts are in demand. According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the renewable energy sector is expected to create millions of jobs globally by 2024, offering diverse career paths for job seekers.

SCGC recognizes the significance of such global issues that require urgent attention. We have been operating our businesses in tandem with stewardship of Environmental, Social and Governance or ESG. We strive to develop plastic resins with circular economy-based technologies and innovations, targeting 1 million tons per year of SCGC GREEN POLYMER™ volume by 2030 JOIN SCGC TEAM HERE

#2 Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

In 2022, according to UN’s 2023 The Sustainable Development Goals Report: Special Edition, about 9.2 per cent of the world population was facing chronic hunger, equivalent to about 735 million people – 122 million more than in 2019. In addition, the unsustainable practices encompassing the processing, packaging and the transporting of food to consumers are one of the main contributors to the climate crisis – they account for a third of greenhouse gas emissions and 70 per cent of the usage of the world’s freshwater.

This leads to the increasing awareness of the environmental impact of traditional agricultural practices which has fueled a surge in demand for professionals in sustainable agriculture and food systems. From precision farming experts to agricultural sustainability consultants, the agriculture sector is embracing innovative approaches to ensure food security while minimizing ecological footprints.

From our passion in sustainable world, SCGC has relentlessly develop and collaborate with partners to drive SCGC resin and barrier coating materials to ready-to-use packaging. JOIN SCGC TEAM HERE

#3 Tech-driven Healthcare

The healthcare industry is witnessing a transformative wave with the integration of technology. Jobs in telemedicine, health informatics, and digital health solutions are becoming pivotal. The World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges the impact of technology in healthcare, emphasizing the need for skilled professionals in this rapidly evolving field.

SCGC is dedicated to developing product quality combined with the control system for medical plastic products to fulfill warranty obligations in compliance with the ISO 9001 quality management standard. SCGC™ PP medical resins are suitable for healthcare and pharmaceutical applications and meet all requirements of international standards for medical devices. We manufacture a wide range of high-quality polypropylene resins suitable for use with various sterilization methods, including autoclave, ethylene oxide (EO), gamma and e-beam processes. JOIN SCGC TEAM HERE

#4 e-Commerce and Supply Chain Sustainability

As online retail continues to expand, there is a growing emphasis on sustainable e-commerce and supply chain practices. Job opportunities in logistics optimization, eco-friendly packaging design, and supply chain transparency are on the rise. A report by McKinsey & Company highlights the increasing importance of sustainability in shaping consumer preferences.

SCGC incorporates innovations and digital technologies into all touchpoints to continuously introduce innovations. This improves the efficiency and competitiveness of all industries while enhancing people's quality of life and ensuring environmental sustainability. JOIN SCGC TEAM HERE

#5 Circular Economy and Waste Management

The transition towards a circular economy has opened up job prospects in waste management and resource recovery. Circular economy specialists, waste reduction coordinators, and recycling experts are in demand. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation provides insights into the circular economy's potential to create a regenerative and restorative economic system.

SCGC applies circular economy principles to business throughout the product lifecycle. We are also eager to collaborate with the circular economy network from all industries to address concerns such as plastic waste, resource shortages, and global climate change. JOIN SCGC TEAM HERE

In 2024, job seekers can harness the wave of innovations and sustainability sweeping across various industries. Whether it's contributing to renewable energy solutions, revolutionizing healthcare with technology, or promoting circular economy principles, the job market is ripe with opportunities for those who embrace the intersection of innovation and sustainability. While SCGC has been committed to developing integrated chemical innovations and conducting business following ESG guidelines and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), advancing to become the “Chemical Business for Sustainability” — both at the regional and international levels.

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