10 Apr 2024

Plastic Packaging : Opportunities and Challenges for Sustainability

9 May 2024 09:00-16:00 (GMT +07:00)
Business ESG Circular Economy Innovation Solutions Sustainability

To develop the packaging industry and promote sustainable environmental care, the Plastic Institute collaborates with SCG Chemicals Company Limited, Kuraray (Thailand) Limited, and Henkel (Thailand) Limited, driving plastic packaging initiatives on the topic "Plastic Packaging: Opportunities and Challenges for Sustainability" to disseminate knowledge and develop plastic packaging in harmony with the environment, following sustainable plastic management guidelines for entrepreneurs and interested parties.

Topics Include:

    • Sustainability Outlook for Plastic Packaging
    • Designing for the Future: Trends and Challenges in Sustainable Packaging
    • Kuraray Driven to Sustainability Packaging with Barrier Solution
    • The Path to Sustainable Packaging, Evolution from Concept to Product
    • Suggestions for Adapting the Plastic Packaging Industry for Sustainability

Interested entrepreneurs who wish to attend this training can register by scanning the QR code at More information, please contact 02 3915340-43 #425

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