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SCG Chemicals is one of the largest integrated petrochemical companies in Asia and a key industry leader. We manufacture and supply a full range of petrochemical products ranging from upstream monomers to downstream polymers including polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene and MMA.

SCG Chemicals Receives Trophy of Outstanding Organization  for Alcohol Prevention and Control

SCG Chemicals Receives Trophy of Outstanding Organization for Alcohol Prevention and Control

Date: 15 Nov 2017

Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawali presented a trophy to SCG Chemicals for its outstanding performance in preventing and controlling alcohol consumption in the organization on “Thailand’s No Alcohol Day 2017” at CentralFestival EastVille recently. Mr. Cholanat Yanaranop, President of SCG Chemicals, was a company’s representative who received the trophy. The Office of Alcohol Control Committee, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health granted distinguished awards to individuals and organizations which have demonstrated support and encouragement with operational plans and extensive measures for alcohol consumption control. SCG Chemicals has established a safety culture within the organization and moved toward the concept of "Organization of safety culture" since 2009. Besides, it has created a culture of "Drink Don't Drive" since 2011 as well as implemented "The 9 Life Saving Rules" which are minimum safety measures applied to all employees. The rules have consequently been strengthened through the campaign "The Lifesaver" since 2016. It has continuously promoted anti-alcohol consumption within the organization along with the government sector, business partners, the private sector and the public. For more information aboutthe campaign "The Lifesaver" please visit
RIL of SCG Chemicals Becomes the First and Only in Thailand Achieving "Eco-Excellence" and Sets For “Eco-World Class"

RIL of SCG Chemicals Becomes the First and Only in Thailand Achieving "Eco-Excellence" and Sets For “Eco-World Class"

Date: 13 Nov 2017

RIL Industrial Estate of SCG Chemicals has been certified “Eco-Excellence” level from Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT), recognized as the only estate in Thailand ever achieve such status. Mr. Charoenchai Pratuengsuksri (4th left), Managing Director of RIL 1996 Co., Ltd received a trophy and a certificate from Dr. Somchai Harnhirun (3rd left), Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry. Miss Somchint Pilouk (2nd left), IEAT Deputy Governor and Mr. Weerasak Jaengkarn (5th left), Director of Office of Joint-Management Industrial Estate of Map Ta Phut Complex congratulated on SCG's achievement in the event “Eco-Innovation Forum 2017.” The development of RIL Industrial Estate of SCG Chemicals as the pilot eco-industrial park shows a strong commitment to sustainable development of SCG through its business's activities. RIL Industrial Estate has been certified "Eco-Champion" with the highest score for three consecutive years, and its continual development results in a status upgrade to "Eco-Excellence" this year. Moreover, it is set to move toward the highest level "Eco-World Class." The accreditation of industrial ecology is organized by Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand to encourage local industrial estates nationwide to adopt eco-industrial transformations which are classified into three levels: Eco-Champion: Adopting approach in promoting development and mutual co-existence with communities on the basis of good environmental governance. Eco-Excellence: Advancing towards enhancement and upgrade of communities’ living standards with the implementation of the principal environmental management system. Eco-World Class: Being a country model for enhancing the quality of life and improving the community and environmental standards.
SCG Chemicals Displays Innovative Compounds for Wire & Cable and Introduces “CIERRA FR”  at 12th International Wire & Cable Trade Fair for Southeast Asia 2017

SCG Chemicals Displays Innovative Compounds for Wire & Cable and Introduces “CIERRA FR” at 12th International Wire & Cable Trade Fair for Southeast Asia 2017

Date: 11 Oct 2017

SCG Chemicals recently showcased compound innovations for wire and cable at the 12thInternational Wire & Cable Trade Fair for Southeast Asia 2017 at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center (Bitec) in Bangkok. Introducing safety solutions for wire and cable, SCG Chemicals presented an array of innovative compound products including Flame Retardant Compounds, LowSmoke Halogen Free Compounds, and other special compounds that meetqualitystandards of both domestic and international levels. The exhibition attracted interest from many international businesses. In addition to showcasing a line of products, SCG Chemicals hosted a technical seminar within the exhibition. The seminar provided insights to formulators choosing safe and high-performance materials for wire and cable applications. SCG introduced “CIERRA FR,” a disruptive flame retardant functional material. The key speakers of the seminar were Mr. Tim McCaffery (1st from left), Global Business Director - New Materials and Technology and Dr. Wantinee Viratyaporn (5th from left), Compound Formulation Engineer of SCG Chemicals. The event also hosted a panel discussion titled “New Implication of Thai Industrial Standard for ADSS Cable” to exchange opinions and viewpoints on manufacturing standards. The panel speakers were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Athikom Roeksabutr (2nd from left), Vice President of Mahanakorn University of Technology and Chairman of TC 892, a working group for industrial standard of fiber optic cables, Ms. PhikunphanSaensuwan (3rd from left), Standards Officer of TISI and Mr. PramoteJongviriyacharoenchai (4th from left), Manager OSP Engineering of True Internet Corporation. If you are interested in the compound products or need further information, please click here.

Innovative Operating Microscope Drapes for Brain Surgery

Innovative Operating Microscope Drapes for Brain Surgery

Date: 30 Oct 2017

Think Together, Use Together, Develop Together: Innovative Operating Microscope Drapes for Brain Surgery for Better Access to Medical Care of All Thais Remark: The microscope drape is patent pending. If your business is looking for a “partnership” on design and material selection for product development to better meet your clients’ needs, please consult Design Catalyst by SCG Chemicals, Tel. +66 2586 2317 or reach us at our Facebook page: After brainstorming sessions between the medical team and Design Catalyst by SCG Chemicals, it was concluded that the first innovation to be developed was “microsurgical operating microscope drapes,” which are put on operating microscopes so that surgeons can touch them without contact with germs. There were several reasons for the decision. The operating microscope drapes need to be sterile because they are used in near contact with organs. Because they can cause harm to patients if they are contaminated, these drapes should be disposed of after one use. Although they are sometimes sterilized and then reused, their safety cannot be guaranteed as there may be tears. In addition to cleanliness, each microscope model requires its own drapes, resulting in a monopoly. Also, because of their high prices, these drapes drive up operation costs. “This device consists of two main components, the lens cover and the drape. The lens cover has been designed to be flexible, durable, and bright in color, while the drape is a large thin transparent plastic bag about 2-3 meters in length. Also, the bag should produce no static cling when opened and should hang down without too much weight pulling it down. In addition, the material must be sterilizable with gamma rays and retain its characteristics when exposed to them. For this bag, we have chosen a material that is produced domestically to ensure proper production and cost management.” Read the full article fromAll Around Plastics Magazine issue 2/2017 | IBuilding Success Together or download All Around Plastics application via - App Store (iOS): Play Store (Android):