Because the world today is changing rapidly, consumer demand is more fragmented and constantly shifting. The challenge faced by companies in this ever-changing environment is how to develop innovative products and services that meet and exceed customers’ expectations.
Chemicals Business, SCG, continuously delivers High Value Added (HVA) products and services to our business partners to help them succeed in new undertakings. We believe that our HVA products and services will certainly help shape a better living for consumers.
Research and Development
Chemicals Business, SCG's research and development centers were established to discover and develop new products. In addition, the company co-founded R&D centers with leading universities and is collaborating with leading innovation, strategic advisory and testing service provider. The results will lay the foundation for an endless future of value creation.
Innovative Products
To provide greater opportunities and enhance value for customers, Chemicals Business, SCG, offers a broad spectrum of innovative products that serves customers’ needs in various industries such as:
Building & Infrastructure: Pipe System, Underground Application, Wire & Cable, Flooring
Automotive: Automotive Parts, Battery
Medical & Healthcare: Medical Grade Polymer
Additive & Lubricant: Improvement to the physical property and lubricity of end formulation
Packaging: Cap & Closure, Flexible Packaging, General Packaging, Industrial Packaging, Food Packaging, Storage & Container
Living & Lifestyles: Fashion & Accessories, Home Appliances, Household Product, Personal Care Product, Recreational & Decorative Product
Innovative Solutions
Apart from our extensive selection of innovative products, Chemicals Business, SCG, also focuses on developing and bundling products and services so as to become a comprehensive business partner for our customers.
Sustainable Solutions
Providing solutions for sustainable development management for industrial customers to elevate their safety, energy efficiency and environmental aspects, examples include;
emisspro®: an innovative high-emissivity furnace coating for energy efficiency
Robotic Inspection: automated inspection replaces manpower in dangerous areas, reducing both cost and risk
Design Solutions
Providing product design service and material science consultation by our Design Catalyst team to answer the needs of every customer.