Each year, as much as 1.5 million tons of plastic waste generated in Thailand is mismanaged. It was this figure that prompted the Chemicals Business, SCG, to start the Recycled Plastic Road Project in collaboration with Dow Chemical Company Limited and the Civil Engineering Department of Chulalongkorn University, in which plastics from businesses and households in several communities in Rayong were sorted, ground into smaller pieces, and incorporated into asphalt. The recycled plastic road prototype is in RIL Industrial Estate in Rayong and measures 220 meters in length, 3 meters in width, and 6 centimeters in thickness.

SCG has also planned to construct more recycled plastic roads in collaboration with SC Asset Public Company Limited, CP All Public Company Limited, and Amata City Industrial Estate. This project will not only create value for types of plastics that are usually not reused and properly recycled but also truly contribute to the sustainability of the environment, communities, society, and businesses in accordance with the circular economy model.