Process Safety Management

Chemicals Business, SCG, conducts business with firm commitment to social responsibility, constantly bearing in mind impacts on all stakeholders and holding work safety at the forefront. The world-class Process Safety Management (PSM) system has been adopted to further improve safety management. The objective is to achieve “Zero Accident”, implying utmost safety for employees, no factory incidents and assurance to surrounding communities of the factory’s management of safety.

PSM covers identification of risks in the production process, prevention management to mitigate them by means of risk management, safe operation, machinery maintenance, change management and emergency control.

In addition, an Operation Excellence Training Center (OETC) has been established to train personnel to ensure they have knowledge and skills required by the production processes and safety standards before they are on board.

The measures taken have resulted in 20% reduction of the accident rate at Chemicals Business, SCG, in 2014.

Industrial Hygiene Management System

Industrial Hygiene Management System
Exposure to hazardous chemicals in the production process may constitute a health hazard and can directly affect employee health. Chemicals Business, SCG, and the Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University, jointly developed an Industrial Hygiene Management System using the International Labur Organization Occupational Safety & Health Management System, ILO OSHMS 2001, as guidelines. With the system, employees of Similar Exposure Groups (SEG) can be classified in accordance with the exposure rating based on individual health risk assessment (HRA) so that the risk levels can be established. The task is beneficial for determining measurers to be taken to mitigate risks or control them within acceptable levels.

The risk levels based on HRA are also used in medical surveillance; e.g., medical checkups and biological monitoring, which can prevent employees from having work-related diseases. Employee health risk assessment follows the approach of the International Council for Good Practice Guidance on Occupational Health Risk Assessment and the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH). It is carried out to assess employee health risks and to establish risk levels which will in turn lead to determination of measures to be taken to reduce and control risks and medical surveillance. A Health Care System has also been developed to gather and analyze health risk assessment data and medical checkup results. Chemicals Business, SCG, firmly believes that the systems which have been put in place and the actions taken can significantly reduce health risks to which employees and business partners are exposed in a sustainable way.