Chemicals Business, SCG, is determined to lift the quality of life and to contribute to environmental sustainability

With “Commitment to Social Responsibility” as its ideology, Chemicals Business, SCG, holds a belief that keeping a balance of the economic, social and environmental conditions, and having corporate governance as well as well-being of people in the communities, fueled by participation of communities, employees and the public sector, will lead us all to peaceful and sustainable coexistence.

Chemicals Business, SCG, aims to lift the quality of life so that community people wear happy smiles. This is carried out through numerous economic, social and environmental projects.


On economic aspects

Chemicals Business, SCG, actively promotes occupations and provides support to community enterprises. As a result, over 20 million baht of income is generated and circulated among communities each year. Examples are as follows:

1. The Waste Cloth Group, Muslim Community

2. The Banana Processing Community Enterprise, Mab Chalud Community

3. The Waste Cloth Group, Ban Plong Community

4. The Barnacle Removal Machine, Had Suchada Fisheries Group

5. Khao Phai Drinking Water, Khao Phai Community

6. The Gardening Enterprise Group, Muslim Community

7. The Gardening Enterprise Group, Ban Bon Community

8. The Car Rental Group, Muslim Community

9. Rope making, Ban Phayun Fisheries Group

10. The Gardening Enterprise Group, Ban Plong Community

11. The Bicycle Repair Group, Ban Plong Community

12. The Bicycle Repair Group, Soi Kiri Community

13. The Garland Ribbon Making Group, Nong Tang May Community

14. The Car Rental Group, Takuan-Ao Pradu Community

15. The Milo Coated Peanut Group, Ban Bon Community

16. The Khanom Pia Chaowang Group, Nern Phayom Community

17. The Car Rental Group, Khak Lukya Community

In addition, Chemicals Business, SCG, organizes community flea markets in factory vicinities to offer an opportunity for sales of community products. This generates household and community income. Projects have also been initiated to add value to sludge occurring in the production process and, further, to create jobs in communities.


The Happiness, Nation and Buddhism Solidification Project

The Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan) and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (Thai Health) recognize the benefits that can be reaped from the 5S principle, already popular among private agencies, and would like it to be expanded to temples, which serve as spiritual centers for Thai people. The idea is to use temples as centers for disseminating the 5S principle to Thai people at large to instill among them the sense of discipline and greater respect for rules and regulations, as well as social etiquette.

Temples are also expected to serve as learning centers for students, communities and local people. Monks can blend the 5S principle with Buddhism teachings for use in temples as well as for self-development at home.

SCG Model school

In recognition of the importance of youths, Chemicals Business, SCG, has been supporting their education and learning through various activities. These included the Friend Club Project, the Good Boys and Girls Project, the Junior Tour Guide Project, and the Junior VHV Project. The aim was to instill virtue among youths, strengthen their knowledge and skills (through a variety of tutorial programs such as those designed for secondary school students, the SCG Model School Project and the V-ChEPC Project for vocational school students) and to promote their volunteer spirit.

Chemicals Business, SCG, also took part in the Wat Sang Sook (Temples for Happiness) Project, contributing to the effort to establish the first Wat Sang Sook in Rayong at Wat Khot Hin. Voluntary employees were taken to the temple and, together with students of the school of the temple and villagers, tidied up the temple in order to lessen the monks’ workload and establish a standard of discipline among temple goers.


Household safety in communities

Caring about household safety in communities, Chemicals Business, SCG, took its employees on visits to houses to help dwellers in checking the conditions of their electrical devices, and to give advice regarding correct usage of electrical appliances. A Junior Traffic Officer Program was also organized jointly with police stations in the jurisdiction of Mab Ta Phut Municipality to educate youths in traffic laws, traffic discipline, and road generosity so that they can be role models for their parents and general road users.


Contribution to the DIY Spacer Assembly Project for Asthma Patients

Chemicals Business, SCG, and the Asthma Patient Club of Thammasat Chaloem Pra Kiat Hospital jointly invented DIY spacers for asthma patients. Over 10,000 spaces were jointly assembled to provide less privileged patients who do not have access to sophisticated medical equipment with effective and safe spacers to raise their quality of life.

Youth Football League Competition for HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s Trophy

HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn graciously presented a trophy for Rayong youths to promote their health and their recreation to stay away from narcotics as well as to develop their skills in order for them to become professional soccer players.

Reflexology Massage Project

Chemicals Business, SCG, educated village health volunteers (VHV) and set up volunteer groups to take care of patients and NCD (non-communicable disease) risk groups at medical centers and elderly clubs. And, in cooperation with Mab Ta Phut Municipalty and Chaloem Phra Kiat Hospital in Honor of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, a study was conducted on results of reflexology treatment for patients with renal diseases.

Good health with Chemicals Business, SCG,

In recognition of the importance of taking good community health care, Chemicals Business, SCG, launched campaigns to encourage youths and their parents to take part in the “Wai Sai……Rai Phung” (No pot belly at teen age) Project. The aim is to see youths with overnutrition adjust their weight to standard level. The concept was also built on by the launch of the “Hun Suay Rai Phung” (slim figures with no pot belly) Project in the area of Mab Ta Phut Municipality, under which adjustment of dietary behavior, food and physical exercises is encouraged in order to reduce health problems related to obesity.


Community Partnership Association

Chemicals Business, SCG, is a founding member of the Community Partnership Association, which has been established since 2010. For the first time in Thailand, the association was established as a result of cooperation among industrial businesses in Map Ta Phut area with the intention of improving industries to become clean, environmentally friendly manufacturers, coexisting sustainably with surrounding communities. Experience and technologies were shared with a view to standardizing factories in the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate along with development undertakings in health and education areas to improve the quality of life in local communities. Among the services rendered were granting of scholarships, provision of medical services, tutorial sessions for university entrance examinations and mobile medical units.

Ecological Learning Site Project at Khao Yai Da Mountain, Rayong

Chemicals Business, SCG, and the people of Khao Yai Da, which was selected as a site for ecological studies in Rayong, built over 5,400 check dams to retain moisture and conserve headwater forests. In addition, Chemicals Business, SCG, and the Headwater Research Center (East Coast), Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, made joint efforts in developing a development curriculum for local communities to instill a sense of sustainable conservation among them.

In addition, employees are encouraged to participate in social contribution projects and executives are taken to communities to exchange information and ideas with villagers which will guide them, together, to development activities, leading to coexisting as good neighbors (OMOC).

Pristine Beach: Bringing the Fish Back Home’s Project

Chemicals Business, SCG, and Marine and Coastal Management Office 1 built artificial reefs with PE100 pipes, which had been tested for safety by international standard. The project to build 300 units of artificial reefs in Rayong was completed in 2015. The artificial reefs serve as a place for marine life nursery and increase areas for fisheries, which help small local fishermen to make a living. Lessons learned will be exploited to promote ecotourism in the area of the Fisheries Group of Nern Khor, Rayong.

Organic waste management using earthworms

This innovative method of managing sludge from factory waste water by using earthworms to turn it into organic fertilizer is considered the first entirely natural process of the petrochemical industry. An Chemicals Business, SCG, research team conducted experiments jointly with Maejo University. It was found that castings and leachate from earthworms fed with sludge from the factories met the criteria of standard organic fertilizer of the Department of Agriculture.

Building on the success, Chemicals Business, SCG, has been educating communities and schools around its facilities to manage organic household wastes by using earthworms in order to earn supplementary income.