Chemicals Business, SCG, provides financial services to its trading partners in three main areas as follows:

E-Bill Presentment

This program displays outstanding balance, invoices and tax certificates. It allows customers to have real-time access on the Internet and to manage information efficiently.


Linked directly with the company’s sales system, the E-Payment system enables Chemicals Business’s customers to use it as a vehicle for making partial, total or advance payments of their dues to three leading banks in Thailand. After payment, customers’ information and credit line will be updated immediately on real time basis.

Customer Financing Program

Through cooperation between Chemicals Business, SCG, and leading banks in Thailand, customers’ purchases of goods from companies within Chemicals Business can be financed by bank loans. Under this arrangement, the financing bank makes payments for the client who can enjoy a lower interest rate and a long repayment term of up to 120 days, as agreed by the bank.

Conditions for participation in the Customer Financing Program

Based on the customer’s necessity, the credit line is fixed by the bank.

The credit line is offered exclusively for purchases of goods from the companies within Chemicals Business.

The interest rates charged to individual customers are as approved by the bank.

Direct customers of companies within Chemicals Business may participate in the Program simply by contacting the companies’ credit officers, free of charge.