Design Service Solution
A competent Design Catalyst Team is attached to Chemicals Business, SCG, to serve the plastic industry, igniting inspiration and creativity through provision of consultation, design, product and package generation as well as business networks. Our team members are there to reinforce entrepreneurs and designers in the plastic empire to build on the success and keep adding value to Thai plastic products, bringing about domestic and international competitiveness out of brilliant designs suitable for the rapidly changing life we now live.

Consultation service

With their extensive expertise, our Design Catalyst can cover all dimensions of plastic jobs, from conceptualizing, product and package design, production technology design to final plastic products and packages.

In addition to providing complete designing, engineering and marketing consultations, the Design Catalyst Team has an advantage of working with our factories which produce a wide range of high quality plastic resins to choose from. Customers can therefore enjoy professional advice on the types and characteristics of resins which can add value to their products and best fulfill all their business objectives.

Production services

Design Catalyst's services cover the whole supply chain of plastic production. Backed up by world class mold and plastic part manufacturers, the trading partners can rest assured that quality plastic products with exactly the desired qualifications will be delivered.

Networks to build on business success

Design Catalyst's business alliances are instrumental in driving your business success in today's world. These include the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce (DITP), the National Innovation Agency (NIA), the Association of Rotational Molding Thai, domestic and overseas mold makers as well as plastic forming factories all over Thailand.

Stories, Projects and Designs