SCG Chemicals Continuously Drives Complete Waste Management Model ‘Waste-Free Community’

Date: 1 Nov 2021

Rayong – 26 October, 2021 SCG Chemicals launched “Together Save Saleng, Save the World” activity at Health Park Building, Muang district, Rayong province. The effort aims to provide safety for recycling waste separation professionals or Saleng and community-waste separation professionals who are the front-line with high risk of infection during COVID-19.

The company delivered “Save Saleng, Save the World protective sets”, necessary health care supplies. Public Health personals from Maptaphut Town Municipality shared knowledge regarding “How to Separate Waste; COVID-free and More Money” to promote community well-being and sustainable local waste solutions.

The event also provided Saleng car check up; car maintenance and engine oil change, by Rayong Technical College for safe driving. SCG Chemicals supported the service cost. This activity shows collaboration between local networks to drive environmental protection with safety among recycling waste separation professionals.