SCG Chemicals’ Advanced Recycling, First In Thailand For ISCC PLUS standard, Underpinning The Sustainable Chemicals Roadmap Towards PCR Plastics As A Solution For Global Demand

Date: 22 Sep 2021

Bangkok – 21 September, 2021 SCG Chemicals announces advancement in accordance with the circular economy roadmap towards a “Chemicals Business for Sustainability”. Recently, the process using the Advanced Recycling technology, which turns post-consumer plastics into recycled feedstock for petrochemical plants, received the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification or ISCC PLUS. This certificate is issued to organizations with sustainable management and development across the supply chain with SCG Chemicals as the first in Thailand to be certified in the advanced recycling category. Moreover, the business adopts circular economy operations throughout the supply chain whilst developing post-consumer recycled resin to address the trend of rising global demand.

Mr. Tanawong Areeratchakul, President of SCG Chemicals
explains the progress of the advanced recycling process according to the circular economy roadmap that “at present, we are on track with the advanced recycling development which is the process of turning post-consumer plastics into recycled feedstock for petrochemical businesses. Recently, the process gained the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification Plus or ISCC PLUS. This is an international certification system regarding carbon and sustainable development. The Advanced Recycling process by SCG Chemicals is the first in Thailand to have received this global recognition of sustainability standards.”

SCG Chemicals enhanced the Advanced Recycling technology using a catalyst, so the recycling process is in low temperatures. This reduces energy consumption, promotes environmental-friendliness, and allows transparent system control throughout the production process. The chain includes securing post-consumer plastics, receiving and storing the materials, applying Advanced Recycling technology as well as controlling, and storing prior to the transport of the product. Aside from implementing the circular economy initiative by gaining recycled feedstock for virgin plastic resins production, the process also helps reduce the problem of accumulated plastic waste in the country.

“SCG Chemicals is dedicated to developing post-consumer recycled resin whilst applying the mass balance approach in every step, from upstream to downstream across the supply chain. This is an attempt to address the trend of rising global demand, especially for leading brand owners who seek eco-friendly plastic materials. This will, in turn, uplift their competitiveness and cater to consumers of sustainable products.” Mr. Tanawong concludes.

About SCG Chemicals’ Advanced Recycling Innovation

SCG Chemicals and partnered tech startup founded Circular Plas Co., Ltd. to operate the plastic recycling business via the chemical recycling process according to the circular economy notion. The plastic recycling business later progressed with the Advanced Recycling technology and its, first in Thailand, demonstration plant within the Rayong plant premises. The plant became an experiment ground for recycled feedstock production with plans to increase production capacity.

About ISCC
ISCC or International Sustainability and Carbon Certification is a renowned global scheme certification system for sustainability. ISCC, an independent entity, is governed by the ISCC Association which operates a high-standard certification system with strict monitoring on the sustainable standards compliance as well as a traceable supply chain, all of which, operating under the core objective to champion sustainable development