SCG Hosts “SD Day 2018”, Inspiring Sustainable Resource Usage and Driving Circular Economy Network in Rayong

Date: 4 Oct 2018

Chemicals Business, SCG, held SD Day 2018 (Sustainable Development Day 2018) under the concept “Achieving Resource Efficiency for Sustainable Community with Circular Economy.” The event conveys a resource efficient approach following the circular “make, use, return” principle or the Circular Economy to encourage 1,200 attendees from Rayong communities and sectors to apply the model to their daily lives and improve waste management strategies in communities.  Furthermore, SCG strengthens collaborative networks among the public sector, the private sector and civil society to drive the circular economy in Rayong province. Chemicals Business also unveiled its pilot project “Recycled Plastic Road” developed by technological collaborations between SCG and Dow Thailand Group which turned sorted plastic waste collected in SCG office and communities through Map Ta Phut Municipality into asphalt roads in RIL Industrial Estate. Mr. Surasak Charoensirichote, Rayong Provincial Governor, and Miss Somchint Pilouk, IEAT Deputy Governor, jointly chaired the ceremony.

Mr. Cholanat Yanaranop, President of Chemicals Business, SCG, disclosed that the circular economy is a way towards sustainable development that focuses on optimizing resources, therefore, maximizing its utilization to create an efficient loop of "make – use – return." The model will help resolve problems of limited resources and create a sustainable environment, society, and community.

To make the circular economy a reality, the key is collaborations of all sectors involving the government, private sector, and civil society. SCG is committed to becoming a driving force and promoting cooperative networks with all sectors, both domestically and internationally, to achieve a complete and sustainable circular economy cycle. Examples include being part of Public Private Partnership for Sustainable Plastic and Waste Management, building a waste management network in Map Ta Phut municipality in Rayong province to build the eco-community based on the circular economy values and fostering technological collaboration with Dow Thailand Group that mixes waste plastic into asphalt to make paved roads.

“The critical driving factors to waste recycling are having effective waste management systems and installing proper waste sorting and deposal. Not only it will promote efficient use of resources but it also reduces waste issues in communities as a result of consumption. Everyone can be a good example by following the practices of ‘maximizing usage,’ ‘waste sorting’ and ‘proper disposal.’ Such methods can start in households and communities which could later expand to other areas with an aim to improve living quality and contribute to a sustainable world,” said Mr. Cholanat.

In the event “SD Day 2018” Chemicals Business, SCG, showcased circular economy-based environmental innovations to communities and attendees. Innovations include floating solar solutions both ground-mounted and rooftop solar installations, the vermicomposting fertilizers from organic sludges, the reuse of gas waste in the manufacturing process and fish homes made of marine debris and municipal waste to preserve marine ecology.

Furthermore, SCG also unfolded its pilot project “Recycled Plastic Road,” one of the circular economy-based innovations produced by collaborative efforts between SCG and Dow Thailand Group. The team transforms plastic wastes such as plastic bags, food containing plastic bags collected in SCG offices and communities through Rayong’s Map Ta Phut Municipality into asphalt mixture to make roads in RIL Industrial Estate. The test showed that the plastic mixture contributes to the better strength and superior erosion resistance of roads. The project extracts the maximum value from plastic waste according to the circular economy.

The event also hosted a seminar titled “Sustainable World, Sustainable Community with Circular Economy,” addressed by speakers representing three sectors: private sector, local authority, and community. Speakers were Mr. Sakchai Patiparnpreechavud, Vice President - Polyolefin and Vinyl Business of Chemicals Business, SCG (private sector), Mr. Surapon Suthajinda, Advisor of Rayong Provincial Municipality (local authority) and Mr. Pirom Chalawan, Chairman of Khao Phai community in Rayong province (community). The discussion was moderated by Ms Chiranan Chaumbai, Director of Thai Environmental and Community Development Association (TECDA).

SD Day (Sustainable Development Day) is an annual event in Rayong province organized by Chemicals Business, SCG, to promote and raise public awareness on sustainable development concerning the economy, society, environment, and safety. The event has been held continuously since 2005.