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SCG Chemicals Showcases R&D Capability, Taking Innovations to Global Market

Date: 8 May 2018

RAYONG (8 March 2018) - SCG Chemicals invested over 3.6 billion Baht in R&D to pursue a competitive edge in the global market. The move aims to add more values to products and services as well as delivering the latest and cutting-edge plastic innovations and non-petrochemicals solutions to the world to provide customers with more competitive and sustainable advantages.

Mr. Cholanat Yanaranop, President of SCG Chemicals, said "SCG Chemicals group seek to increase the breadth of differentiated products and services through integrated solutions. With a deep understanding of customer insights, it allows us to develop innovative solutions to meet customer demands.

SCG Chemicals put a stronger focus on research and development (R&D) to drive innovation and High Value-Added products and services. SCG Chemicals has developed its own technologies and fostered strong partnerships to bring about innovations. In addition, it also created eco-innovation through a collaborative network with world-class research institutions.

Mr. Cholanat Yanaranop added, "In 2018, SCG Chemicals set to invest an estimated 3.6 billion Baht in pushing our R&D to international markets both ASEAN and global arena. We develop a diverse range of innovations from plastics to non-petrochemicals. We introduced Thailand’s first Floating Solar Farm with an integrated solution as we see Thailand's potential as it has water surface area of about 14,600 or 9 million rais of land which accounted for 3% of the total land area. We can maximize utilization of waterbodies to bring advantages to customers. The Floating Solar Cells could expand power generation better than rooftop solar plants and ground-mounted solar systems as it leverages the cooling effect of water's surface."

As a large chemicals producer in ASEAN, SCG Chemicals used its in-house special grade polyethylene to design and develop the offshore solar farm. The module installation is designed to be quick, simple and convenient with as high as 10% more space efficient compared to other floating solar farms. Furthermore, the floating solar farm has a similar lifespan of solar panels which could last up to 25 years.

"We've developed the floating solar modules that fit diverse environments. This will help build on our integrated solutions as we are the first in Thailand who offered an array of services from designing, manufacturing, installation to maintenance. It's not only an efficient way to maximize water surface utilization and reduce evaporation but also increase the country's renewable power generation capacity," said Mr. Cholanat.

For the maintenance, SCG Chemicals utilize its "flying inspection drone" to provide thermal imaging inspection of solar cells along with "Underwater Visualizer Robot" which can perform effective inspection of submerged structures.

Apart from innovations in renewable energy, SCG Chemicals also provides other comprehensive services. Among them is an innovative high emissivity coating for energy saving in industrial furnaces called "emisspro ®" which has received recognition from major petrochemical plants and leading refineries in Asia. It recently unveiled "emisspro HT" for industrial furnaces with the ability to withstand temperature higher than 1,200-degree Celsius. The solution is a well fit for steelmaking furnaces as it could save energy up to 2-6%

SCG Chemicals currently employed about 630 researchers which 17% of them are Ph.D. holders. SCG Chemicals also established Advanced Science and Technology Center (ASTEC) which is equivalent to international standards. In 2017, SCG Chemicals has filled 83% more patents domestically and internationally from previous year.