Date: 3 Jul 2014

Aside from being an Eco-Factory, building a strong community is one of SCG Chemicals main goals, especially in the area of environmental conservation a major issue in today s world having a direct impact on daily lives. Tackling environmental issues thus becomes extremely important in maintaining quality communities and societies.

With this in mind, SCG Chemicals established the "Eco- Friendly Model Communities" with support from the Pollution Control Department and the Maptaphut Municipality. The project is to boost the environmental development of communities in Rayong province. "We have currently chosen 17 communities to participate in the project with each community contributing to the environment in their own way. We have already selected six communities from the Maptaphut district, with Huay Pong Nai- Saphan Namtuam ranking first on the list because of their readiness and peak interest in living sustainably. Everyone from the community is involved in the project having already started tackling some environmental issues, they are clearly a learning center for other communities."

The project has four major areas to cover: green space, waste recycling, water management, and biogas. SCG Chemicals and the government give financial support, public relations, and pay attention to the quality of life of the community in order to motivate all community members to participate in the project. The Huay Pong Nai- Saphan Namtuam community has initiated a green space and waste bank project before and was successful because of everyone in the community lending a helping hand. There are several more sustainable communities such as those around Khao Yai Da, located 30 kilometers from the factory. They have participated in building check dams, five thousand of which have been supported by SCG Chemicals since 2010. Until now, the locals of Ranyong's fruit farms have water to use all year around. Another community is in the Song Saleung district, acting as both a model and a learning community opened for people to come and study sustainable agriculture and resource management under the 'sufficient economy philosophy.

'Social Responsibility' is one of SCG Chemicals four most important visions, giving full support to all personnel and those involved in our business to bring to the surface the idea of public consciousness. "We give back to the community – they are our neighbors. If our neighbor is happy in a good environment, our business will proceed smoothly. If we are not too concerned with profit, but give back to society as well – such as through scholarships, sporting events, mobile clinics, product support, local shops, and so much more – we have the potential to balance the industrial sector with communities and the environment in a sustainable way. But the core of it all is in the joining of hands between the government, the business sector, and locals, building on trust, honesty, and the love of a family.

From company to community, from one model community and then building on this foundation to thousands in the future. The consciousness of and responsibility for the environment will weave its way into an everlasting sustainable lifestyle.