SCG Unveils Its CE Roadmap, with 4 Core Plans to Achieve Sustainability through Innovation and Plastic Recycling Technology

Date: 2 Dec 2020

Bangkok — November 30, 2020 Chemicals Business, SCG, has unveiled its 2021 business strategy towards a “Chemical Business for Sustainability,” which include a target to deliver “net-zero” greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and a roadmap highlighting four main areas to drive the circular economy. The company will also be offering a comprehensive range of innovations and technologies as well as products and services that serve as new alternatives for customers, brand owners, and eco-conscious consumers — a new business approach that the company believes, will answer the needs of the global market. The Chemicals Business, SCG, is ready to collaborate with organizations in every sector looking to apply the circular economy principles to their business.

Mr. Tanawong Areeratchakul, President of Chemicals Business, SCG, remarked on the company’s economic approaches to the circular economy, “The Chemicals Business, SCG, has been working continuously to advance a circular economy, focusing on the development of innovative plastic resins. The company has also been collaborating with domestic and international partners in its networks to promote resource efficiency and at-source management of post-consumer plastics to put them to good use, such as in recycled plastic roads or recycled lubricant plastic bottles.

For the year 2021, the Chemicals Business, SCG, has formulated a circular economy roadmap comprising four main areas as follows.

  1. Design for recyclability: The company will further develop solutions and innovative recyclable plastic resins while maintaining all their other properties. An example is the development of mono-material plastic resin for packaging, which allows packaging layers to be made of the same material to facilitate recycling.Furthermore, the company has developed SMXTM Technology, which not only imparts special properties to plastic resins but also allows products to be made with less material. Moreover, the technology also enables a greater proportion of recycled plastic content. Invented and developed by SCG’s R&D team, who works in collaboration with customers and brand owners to deliver products that best serve their needs
  2. Post-consumer recycled resin (PCR): Post-consumer recycled resin, which allows used plastics to remain in use and create further value, has garnered tremendous attention among plastic packaging users, especially world-class brand owners. The Chemicals Business, SCG, has developed high-quality PCR in collaboration with various business suppliers who are the world’s recycling experts, such as SUEZ, a world leader in smart and sustainable resource management.
  3. Chemical recycling: Thanks to technology and cutting-edge eco-friendly production, it will be possible to recycle used plastics into green naphtha as a raw material for petrochemical plants, in line with the circular economy principle of material circulation. The demonstration unit is being constructed and is expected to reach completion in early 2021.
  4. Development of bioplastics: Bioplastics are produced from agricultural raw materials, which help absorb greenhouse gases and thus diminish the impact of climate change. The company has joined hands with both domestic and international research and development networks to create innovative bioplastics that best answer users’ needs, such as the development of films for the food packaging industry.

“In addition to the four core initiatives aimed at advancing a circular economy, the Chemicals Business has developed digital platforms that facilitate the collection and reuse of used plastics, such as the web application KoomKah, which provides a data management service for waste banks to enhance their efficiency, and ReadyPlastic, trading platform for industrial scrap and recycled plastic pellets. In tandem, the company has been promoting at-source plastic waste separation, fostering the habit of “resource maximization, correct sorting, and proper disposal” at the household level, as well as developing lessons for school instruction in order to cultivate eco-consciousness in children and teach them proper waste management right from childhood,” concluded Tanawong.

SCG Joins MNRE’s “Towards Pollution-free Thailand” Eco-friendly Caravan Tour, Reaffirming Commitment To Waste Management for Sustainable Pollution Reduction

SCG Joins MNRE’s “Towards Pollution-free Thailand” Eco-friendly Caravan Tour, Reaffirming Commitment To Waste Management for Sustainable Pollution Reduction

Date: 17 Dec 2020

Suphan Buri–17 December 2020Chemicals Business, SCG, led by Mr. Thanachai Piyasrithong, Circular Economy Program Manager, contributed its waste management knowledge in “Towards Pollution-free Thailand,” an eco-friendly caravan tour organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) at PTT Tha Rahat Oil Station in Suphan Buri. With Natural Resources and Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa presiding over the opening ceremony, the event sought not only to offer a platform where the public could help drive Thailand towards a pollution-free society by themselves at home but also to share with the public the knowledge of various eco-friendly practices, such as separating waste before disposal, increasing green areas by growing trees, and treating wastewater before releasing it into water supplies. The event also included consultation on pollution, plastic bag drop-off points for recycling, educational activities on disposal of different types of waste, and tree sapling giveaway in the hope of increasing green space in a combat against pollution. At the event, the Chemicals Business, SCG, displayed an exhibition that educated visitors on proper at-source waste management through three habits that were in line with the concept of circular economy and could be readily practiced at home: #resourcemaximization, #correctsorting, and #properdisposal. The company also presented the Bang Sue Model, a waste management model that was expanded to communities and led to the “Waste-free Community Project,” along with KoomKah, a mobile application offered convenience to waste banks and communities, as well as initiatives that illustrated how used plastics could be put to good use to benefit communities and schools, such as a project where milk pouches in schools were recycled into chairs, and an innovative litter trap that intercepted marine waste before it reached the sea. In addition, in order to increase drop points for clean plastics under the “Magic Hands X Won by PPP Plastics” Project, the Chemicals Business, in coordination with PPP Plastics and MNRE, also gave drop-off bins to 10 member organizations in the network in Suphan Buri. The caravan tour was a collaboration between government agencies, private organizations, the public, and educational institutions that was aimed at fostering participation and encouraging the public to show their responsibility in helping to reduce pollution and protect the environment for posterity.
Thai MMA Wins Prime Minister’s Industry Award 2020 for Safety Management

Thai MMA Wins Prime Minister’s Industry Award 2020 for Safety Management

Date: 14 Dec 2020

Bangkok – 14 December 2020Thai MMA Company Limited (TMMA), represented by Mr. Siripan Artnonla‎, Deputy Managing Director, received the Prime Minister's Industry Award for Safety Management from Thailand's Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha at Prime Minister's Industry Award 2020 held at Royal Thai Army Club, Bangkok. Mr. Siripan Artnonla said, "This achievement is the pride for TMMA employees and partners. We are all set to raise the safety standard to the international level by incorporating the world-class Process Safety Management into its safety management system to achieve zero accidents. The company's efforts also include implementing digital technology for better safety analysis and assessment to improve safety operation, production process, cost reduction, and corporate social responsibility to boost stakeholders' confidence." The Prime Minister's Industry Award has been organized by the Ministry of Industry to honor and improve businesses' morale. The awards aim to maintain their commitment to exemplary practices in which contribute to national industrial development.
SCG Presents Certificates To Graduates Of C-ChEPS Class 22

SCG Presents Certificates To Graduates Of C-ChEPS Class 22

Date: 9 Dec 2020

Rayong —9 December 2020 Mr. Mongkol Hengrojanasophon, Vice President of Chemicals Business, SCG, chaired the C-ChEPS class 22 certificate presentation ceremony to employees who completed the training program of Constructionism-Chemical Engineering Practice School or C-ChEPS class 22. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suvit Saetia, Rector of King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), and Prof. Dr. Apichai Therdthianwong, Director of C-ChEPS program within the King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, attended the ceremony at RIL Industrial Estate Office Building in Rayong province. Constructionism-Chemical Engineering Practice School Program (C-ChEPS) has been running continuously since 2000 in collaboration with Suksaphat Foundation and King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi to develop employees' capabilities with vocational qualifications in an 8-to-12-month training program. Thus far, the program has provided comprehensive training to 22 classes or 298 employees with vocational qualifications. The program will be a significant part of developing the employees' capabilities and skills where graduates are equipped with foundational knowledge for further advancement.
SCG Selected As One of 6 Companies for Internal Carbon Pricing Pilot Program to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Thailand

SCG Selected As One of 6 Companies for Internal Carbon Pricing Pilot Program to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Thailand

Date: 3 Dec 2020

Chonburi–3 December 2020 Chemicals Business, SCG, led by Mr. Poramate Chairat, Sustainable Development Director, received a certificate of honor from Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO) and World Bank. Besides, the company has been selected as one of the six Thai companies to join a pilot Internal Carbon Pricing (ICP) program at the event celebrating the success of industrial education promotion on carbon pricing and green investment to cut carbon emissions at Holiday Inn Pattaya Hotel in Chonburi­ province. Dr. Weruka Rattanavaraha, Environment and Energy Manager, also attended a panel discussion on ICP corporate implementation. The ICP program aims to help companies manage climate risk and opportunities and promote actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Thailand. SCG sets the target of greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 28% within 2030 (compared with BAU at the base year of 2007) as a response to keep global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius. To achieve sustainable development, SCG has considered to size up the targets by maintaining the global temperature increase below 1.5 degrees Celsius and reaching Net Zero Carbon with the integration of technologies and innovation.
SCG and B.Grimm Join Forces to Offer Customers Cutting-edge Industrial Solutions

SCG and B.Grimm Join Forces to Offer Customers Cutting-edge Industrial Solutions

Date: 30 Nov 2020

Bangkok - 30 November 2020 Mr. Chokchai Montreeamornchet, Managing Director of Rayong Engineering and Plant Service Co., Ltd. (REPCO) signed a cooperation agreement with B.Grimm Joint Venture Holding Co., Ltd. (BGJV) by Ms. Caroline Link, President of BGJV and Mr. Fabrice Goetschmann, President of B.Grimm Industrial Businesses to offer cutting-edge industrial solutions. The collaboration zeroes in on offering integrated product and service supports, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to power plants, oil refineries, chemical factories and other industries. The collaboration creates a synergy to provide the most complete solutions to the customers of both parties. This enables customers to receive quality products, installation and maintenance, with a platform that can perform predictive analytics through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enable early warning, preventing parts or equipment from being damaged. That reduces the risk of factory downtime and increases production efficiency. "We are ready to bring our over 30 years of experiences as a fully integrated asset management operator in the chemical industry and the IoT technology to combine with B.Grimm's expertise to enhance the reliability and productivity of our customers to the utmost level," Mr. Chokchai said.
emisspro® Gains Ground with  Yeochun NCC Co., Ltd., Providing Continuous Service

emisspro® Gains Ground with Yeochun NCC Co., Ltd., Providing Continuous Service

Date: 26 Nov 2020

South Korea – 26-30 November 2020 Texplore provided emisspro® R-Series coating service at naphtha cracker facility in olefins plants of Yeochun NCC Co., Ltd. (YNCC) in South Korea from 26-30 November 2020. emisspro® is a high emissivity coating for industrial furnaces, which can help achieve lower energy consumption, lower energy loss in the production, reduced production cost while lessening greenhouse gas emissions. The coating service can increase furnace performance and mitigate environmental impacts. YNCC, one of the world's leading naphtha-cracking facilities, has expressed satisfaction over the performance of emisspro® coating solutions' performance. Texplore has been entrusted to provide coating services since 2014. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic challenges, the Texplore team manage to provide onsite service in which the staff strictly operates in compliance with the COVID-19 pandemic prevention guidelines. The team received excellent support from the Thai and South Korean authorities and SCG members.