SCG Chemicals parades innovations to K 2016, advancing to global market. The company utilizes R&D as key driver for technology development.

Date: 21 Oct 2016

Düsseldorf: October 21, 2016 – SCG Chemicals allocated budget more than 3,300 million baht to drive results from research and development to the global arena as an attempt to add value for products and services while enhance competitiveness for customers. The company advances an array of plastic innovations to exhibit at K 2016, the world’s largest trade fair for plastics and rubber.


Mr. Cholanat Yanaranop, President, SCG Chemicals explains that “SCG Chemicals is determined to differentiate its product and services by offering solutions that comply with costumers’ core needs. We believe that this can enrich the competitive capabilities of our customers. SCG Chemicals utilizes R&D as a key driver to innovate High Value Added (HVA) products and services. We strive to cultivate the technologies and clearly define R&D strategic management schemes. Those key R&D strategies are to profoundly partnership and co-creation with partners, to convert consumers’ needs to commercialized innovations, Eco-Innovation initiative, to commit to People and Technology development, and to build world-class R&D networks and collaborations with global institutes.”


“In 2014, we invested in Norway’s Norner AS, world leader in plastic research and development. Despite the acquisition, Norner is still independent to maintain their professional R&D at world-class standard which has truly been an utmost support for SCG Chemicals.” Mr. Cholanat added.


At present, SCG Chemicals has approximately 500 researchers, among which 20% are Ph.D. intellects. Moreover, an international standard Advanced Science and Technology Center or ASTEC has been established at world-class standard. The company also continues to allocate R&D budget annually. In 2016, SCG Chemicals has set aside a budget of 3,300 million Baht for R&D, which amounts to 54% of SCG’s overall R&D budget. In the first half of the year, SCG Chemicals spent budget on R&D approximately 1,500 million Baht or 1.6% of the total revenue from sales. The HVA products accounts for 31% on total sales. Also, this year, SCG Chemicals will have total of more than 140 patent applications, both in Thailand and abroad.


“We have recently selected innovative HVA products and services that response to the global demand to be exhibited at Germany’s K 2016, the world’s biggest exhibition for innovative plastic and rubber. We are confident that the innovations that we exhibit at K 2016 are options and fresh opportunities for customers. Also, they are prospects for SCG Chemicals to seek international alliances who can support in developing the industry together in the global market.” Mr. Cholanat elaborated.


The concept of the SCG Chemical’s exhibition at K 2016 is Building Success Together. This narrates the dedication for customers in 3 aspects which are Partnership, that is attentively working alongside customers to develop profound insights that will gain their competitive edge. Solution, is embracing the needs and providing the complete range of products and services. And Innovation, is the determination in limitless research and development seeking to generate technologies and innovative HVA products and services that will equip customers and end-users with superior competencies.


Spotlighted innovative HVA products from SCG Chemicals at K 2016 are Functional Materials which are special innovative substances that can be used in various HVA products. New Generation PE which is new advance technology to develop higher strength resin. This can offer increased ultimate strength up to 40% with excellent processability in various applications such as super thin films that requires lesser material while maintaining its durability.


SCG Chemicals has also recently developed innovative PE 112 Resins whose quality has been further adapted for pipes in the mining industry and waterworks system. They can withstand 12% more pressure than pipes manufactured from PE 100, therefore, allowing them to be thinner and logistics volume to be increased. Previously, PE 100 resins have been warmly welcomed by customers in the waterworks, mining and natural gas industry.


Other innovations include Thermoform Polypropylene resins for Freeze-to-Heat food containers which can endure temperatures ranging from -40C to 130C without leaving hazardous substances. Additionally, there are Polypropylene resins for medical equipment which can be sterilized with gamma radiation and are approved by the international standards. 


RIL Industrial Estate Certified with Eco-Champion for Three Consecutive Years

RIL Industrial Estate Certified with Eco-Champion for Three Consecutive Years

Date: 20 Dec 2016

Mr. Prachak Sotornsak (2nd from left), Managing Director of RIL 1996 Co., Ltd. and Service Solutions Leader of SCG Chemicals Co., Ltd., receives Eco-Champion certification plaque from General Worapong Sanganetra (3rd from left), Chairman of Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand. The accolade certifies RIL Industrial Estate as Eco-Industrial town at Eco-Champion level for the third consecutive year. Moreover, RIL Industrial Estate is one of the 19 certified industrial estates this year. In this regard, Mr. Weerasak Jaengkarn (far left), Director of Office of Joint-Management Industrial Estate of Map Ta Phut Complex, and Mr. Verapong Chaiperm (far right), Governor of Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, honor their presence in the ceremony. This certification is organized by Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) to encourage local industrial estates countrywide to become Eco-Industrial towns.
SCG Chemicals Donates  Playground to Ban Nong Wa School in Kanchanaburi

SCG Chemicals Donates Playground to Ban Nong Wa School in Kanchanaburi

Date: 1 Dec 2016

SCG Chemicals donated a playground to Ban Nong Wa School, Kanchanaburi province, to promote the development and learning potential of the students. Made from high-quality plastic pellets, this outdoor plastic playground set is durable and safe and is the fourth of its kind that SCG Chemicals has given to schools. Roongrote Rangsiyopash, President and CEO of SCG (third left) and Namthip Sampaoprasert, Brand Management Office Manager (far left) delivered the playground set to Jamnong Phakdee, the principal of Ban Nong Wa School (second left) and Amnat Wichayanuwat, Assistant Secretary General of the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) (fourth left). In addition, Nawaplastic Industries Co., Ltd. (NPI), a subsidiary of SCG Chemicals, also shared knowledge and provided equipment to supportBan Nong Wa Schoolin implementing the 'Recyclable Garbage Bank' project. NPI alsodonated Windsor door frames, window frames and gutters for the school building construction project in collaboration with SCG Foundation as well.
SCG Chemicals hosts “SCG Chemicals Digest”: Cultural insights and Opportunities to Penetrate the CLMV Market

SCG Chemicals hosts “SCG Chemicals Digest”: Cultural insights and Opportunities to Penetrate the CLMV Market

Date: 8 Nov 2016

Mr. Sakchai Patiparnpreechavud, Managing Director of SCG Plastics and SCG Performance Chemicals Co., Ltd., presided over the opening ceremony at the 2nd SCG Chemicals Digest 2016 under the title “Cultural Insights & Opportunities to Penetrate CLMV Market” to show its business partners the opportunities and perspectives regarding getting into the Cambodia/Laos/Myanmar/Vietnam or ‘CLMV’ market and to provide information about the cultural differences and way of life of the people in each country. The information can then be used to plan the production and marketing to respond to the needs and demands of the CLMV market accordingly. Also present at the event were Associate Professor Sunait Chutintaranond, Dean of Graduate School, Chulalongkorn University, and Associate Professor Montira Rato, lecturer in the Eastern Languages Department, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University, who shared their knowledge, with Dr. Wit Sittivaekin, CEO of D.C. Consultants and Marketing Communications Co. Ltd., serving as moderator. The event also featured talks on economic, marketing and petrochemical outlook which aimed to boost business partners’ managerial potential so that they can compete and grow sustainably. Distinguished speakers included Mr. Prinn Panichapakdi, Managing Director of CLSA (Thailand) Co. Ltd., Mr. Montree Sornpaisarn, CEO of Maybank Kim Eng Securities (Thailand) Plc., Dr. Supawut Saichua, Managing Director for Research of Phatra Securities Plc, and Assistant Professor Dr. Thanawat Polwichai, Director of the Center for Economic and Business Forecasting, The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce.
SCG Chemicals teams up with EXAT to develop innovation  for transportation infrastructure maintenance

SCG Chemicals teams up with EXAT to develop innovation for transportation infrastructure maintenance

Date: 11 Oct 2016

Mr.Cholanat Yanaranop, President of SCG Chemicals and Mr. Narong Gieddech, Governor of Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT) recently signed MOU for Research and Development (R&D). With this agreement, SCG Chemicals and EXAT will jointly develop innovations that meet needs of EXAT on transportation infrastructure maintenance. SCG Chemicals will provide solution service for EXAT, which starts from customer analysis to innovation development. SCG Chemicals team will work closely with EXAT in all process to ensure that the result would meet real need of customer. With this MOU, SCG Chemicals and EXAT will jointly develop 3 innovation projects, Robotic Inspection Service for infrastructure inspections, which will replace human work in risk-prone areas, PVC Highway Sound Barrier with lightweight plastic, and Tollbooths that properly designed primarily for physiology purpose.
SCG Chemicals, Dow and Prostheses Foundation Signs MoU to Develop the New Model of Prosthetic Feet

SCG Chemicals, Dow and Prostheses Foundation Signs MoU to Develop the New Model of Prosthetic Feet

Date: 11 Oct 2016

SCG Chemicals recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding on “The New Model of Prosthetic Feet” with Dow Thailand Group and Prostheses Foundation of H.R.H. The Princess Mother. Under the project, plastic products will be used to design and develop extra-flexible artificial feet which help reduce impact incurred from walking and prevent injuries. Representatives of the three parties are Sakchai Patiparnpreechavud, Managing Director of SCG Performance Chemicals Co.,Ltd. (fifth left), Chatchai Luenpolcharoenchai, Commercial Director, Dow Thailand Group (third left), and Assoc. Prof. Vajara Rujiwetpongstorn, Secretary General of Prostheses Foundation of H.R.H The Princess Mother (middle). The project is initiated to help those who face problems using protheses such as knee joint, hip and back injuries. SCG Chemicals, has led by Design Catalyst team, will bring expertise on plastic design to help develop protheses that enables more efficiency. The project will ease the living and raise the quality of lives and contribute to sustainable growth of the society.