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When I Volunteered to Build Fish Homes

 When I Volunteered to Build Fish Homes

Date: 26 Dec 2017

Structure of fish homes by SCG Chemicals

Fish homes by SCG Chemicals are triangular in shape and made primarily of PE100 pipes. The openings of these pipes allow water to flow in and out easily, and the complex structure creates crevices that are ideal living environments for small fish and other marine animals.


Benefits of Fish Homes by SCG Chemicals

  1. They serve as nurseries for baby marine life that helps boost marine biodiversity.
  2. They revitalize coastal fishery resources.
  3. These structures have created centers for learning and research.
  4. They have become habitats for over 120 marine species:
  • Economic fish such as yellowstripe scads, groupers, Talang queenfish, sardinellas, streaked spinefoots, Chinese demoiselles, sea bass, red frog crabs, mangrove swimming crabs, and mussels
  • Ornamental fish such as batfish, rays, and African pompanos
  • Sponge corals, gorgonians, and red algae
  • Rock barnacles, bivalves, and sea cucumbers
  • Phytoplankton and zooplankton
  1. Fishermen earn higher incomes from fishery.
  2. The initiative has resulted in a network of environmental conservation, with an addition of over 1,000 members annually.


Let’s get to know PE100, the main material of the fish home.

PE100 pipes are made with high-density polyethylene. Their key distinctive characteristics include:



  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Resistance to high pressure
  • Life span of over 50 years



  • PE100 pellets of SCG Chemicals have been certified by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and obtained SFS-EN ISO 8795: 2001 certification from other institutes across the world.
  • No hazard or release of toxic substances into the sea 


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