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Innovative Operating Microscope Drapes for Brain Surgery

Innovative Operating Microscope Drapes for Brain Surgery

Date: 30 Oct 2017

Think Together, Use Together, Develop Together:
Innovative Operating Microscope Drapes for Brain Surgery for Better Access to Medical Care of All Thais

Remark: The microscope drape is patent pending.

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After brainstorming sessions between the medical team and Design Catalyst by SCG Chemicals, it was concluded that the first innovation to be developed was microsurgical operating microscope drapes,which are put on operating microscopes so that surgeons can touch them without contact with germs. There were several reasons for the decision. The operating microscope drapes need to be sterile because they are used in near contact with organs. Because they can cause harm to patients if they are contaminated, these drapes should be disposed of after one use. Although they are sometimes sterilized and then reused, their safety cannot be guaranteed as there may be tears. In addition to cleanliness, each microscope model requires its own drapes, resulting in a monopoly. Also, because of their high prices, these drapes drive up operation costs.

This device consists of two main components, the lens cover and the drape. The lens cover has been designed to be flexible, durable, and bright in color, while the drape is a large thin transparent plastic bag about 2-3 meters in length. Also, the bag should produce no static cling when opened and should hang down without too much weight pulling it down. In addition, the material must be sterilizable with gamma rays and retain its characteristics when exposed to them. For this bag, we have chosen a material that is produced domestically to ensure proper production and cost management.”

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