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Sharps Disposal Bin - Thai Plastics Innovation for Medical Safety Needs

Sharps Disposal Bin - Thai Plastics Innovation for Medical Safety Needs

Date: 5 Sep 2017

Introducing the new design of ‘Sharps Disposal Bin,’ solution to improve safeness to nurses and medical assistances.

"The challenge of designing this sharps disposal bin was striking the balance between safety and convenience, two main user needs that normally stand in contrast to each other. However, our team was determined because we would like to improve the lives of nurses who use sharps disposal bins and enhance their safety by eliminating their risk of coming into contact with contaminated products."

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Advantages Of the Innovative Sharps Disposal Bin

1. Use And Storage Safety
     - The bin allows for a one-hand operation technique when discarding needles or syringes.
     - The lid requires no touching as it will swing open automatically when an object drops on it and swing close by itself.
     - The lid can be locked after use.

2. Convenience: The bin can be assembled easily and comes equipped with handles for portability. It also requires small storage space and can be transported conveniently.

3. Eco-Friendliness
     - A special polypropylene for thin-wall injection molding has been selected. Because the same strength can be achieved with less plastic, the bin is lighter by 8%.
     - The rectangular shape increases the capacity for sharps by 42 %.
     - Because less plastic is used, the bin requires less fuel upon disposal and produces 32% less carbon dioxide.