emisspro® Innovative Solution for Energy Efficiency

emisspro® Innovative Solution for Energy Efficiency

Date: 24 Jan 2017

About emisspro®

emisspro® is a high emissivity coating developed to maximize furnaces or fired heaters efficiency to thereby reduce fuel consumption in various industries.  emisspro® contains materials capable of absorbing and re-radiating thermal radiation and is designed to provide improvement of lining service strength, higher abrasion resistance, good thermal shock resistance, thermal expansion characteristics similar to their intended substrates, and adequate bond strength with the substrate. 



The effect of emisspro® should be explained on the basis of the radiation. Firstly, emisspro reduces the amount of energy reflected by the refractory wall, as a result, the amount of energy absorbed by emisspro® on the wall increases. Once emisspro® absorbs more energy to a certain level, it will re-radiate energy, with a redistributed wavelength spectrum, back to the targeting loads. This newly distributed energy spectrum provides an additional amount of energy to targeting loads because of its suitable wavelengths.



emisspro® high emissivity coating is used in high temperature industrial applications such as fired heaters and furnaces in refinery, petrochemical and steel industries, etc. The various substrates are applicable with high emissivity coating such as firebrick, insulating firebrick, high alumina brick, castable refractory, plastic refractory and ceramic fiber.

  • Refinery 

Refinery feed pre-heating process

  • Petrochemicals and Refinery 

Olefins production process, Monomer production process and Reforming process

  • Steel and Metal Production 

                        Reheating process, Annealing process


Service Package

emisspro® coating service provides superior coating quality by high expertise service team with excellent quality control to maximize furnace and fired heaters thermal efficiency and customer benefit;

  • Furnace performance prediction and evaluation
  • Refractory installation and maintenance
  • Furnace refractory coating
  • Consulting service to maximize furnace thermal efficiency


Benefits of using emisspro®:

- Improve thermal efficiency of furnaces or fired heaters

- Increase productivity

- Reduce heating time in furnaces

- Reduce fuel gas consumption and emission of greenhouse gas (GHG)

- Prolong service life of furnace lining materials, Reduce dusting and peeling of Ceramic    Fiber

- Return investment < 1 year


Award and Certification

  • SCG eco value
  • Thailand energy award 2014


Contact Us

emisspro® is distributed through Texplore Co., Ltd.  www.texplore.co.th 

For more information, please contact Texplore-Sale&Marketing@scg.com (+66) 2 586 2576 

or https://www.scgchemicals.com/en/products-services/technology-service-solutions/emisspro